One shall stand at the centre of the Meditation Hall of Sri Aurobindo Ashram with fresh earthly flower of any kind such as Aster, Sunflower, Lotus, Lily, Rose, Jasmine, White ginger lily and other White flowers in general etc, in one’s hand for a minute, when such flowers absorb, retain and radiate the maximum divine Grace-Power, added with the earthly divine force also. The inner parts of flowers like pistil, stamen or pericarp with stamen around it (as in Lotus or Sunflower) receive the maximum divine power, more than the petals. (But when pistil and stamen are jointly seen or joined together to be seen, equality, equanimity and even peace may be felt.) The best way of a dynamic yoga through flowers and with effective results is to see if possible, without glasses alternately, for four or five times with intervals, the fresh flowers kept in one’s hand and the centre of ceiling in the dome of the Meditation Hall. But in each time of alternate seeing, one shall see continuously for one or two minutes from a convenient position or short distance from the centre of the dome. When so seen repeatedly up and down, the Divine responds with Grace Powers of both the Supramental Heaven and the Earth which meet integrally in our alternately seeing eyes. Thus one is enabled to see or feel or contact the Integral Divine at the same time, as the Form, the Formless and the Form – Formless. As a result, our mind naturally gathers inner force of silence for a long time and our Ajna centre of the Third eye (or the heart centre) is opened in us with prolonged spiritual experiences of soul along with their spiritual and transforming effects on mind, heart and body too. Finally, when the alternate seeing of the central ceiling of the Hall and the said flowers bearing divine power but now as kept on one’s feet or toes, is done once or twice only, the divine power directly descends into the whole body and the inner heart gets concentrated also. These happen due to a full play of Supramental integral harmony of Grace-Powers i.e., inward – upward as well as outward- downward Grace- Powers received through our eyes and the said flowers.


The effectiveness of this method is also proved by alternate seeing from a convenient distance of 3 to 4 feet the ceiling at the center of Reception Hall of Sri Aurobindo Ashram and the flowers kept directly below it on the round central table (or flowers a little moved to be so kept) or the fresh flowers kept in one’s hand (but after holding them for a minute directly below the central ceiling of the Hall) and later on finally as kept on the feet or toes-especially because of the settled presence of the Supramental Divine in our Ashram.(See Pictures in P. 154 -155)


However, worship at the Samadhi is fulfilled by standing with fresh flowers in hand, at a distance from it and seeing the overhead – cloth screen over the samadhi at the screen – area which is directly above the central vase of decorated flowers kept on the samadhi and then seeing flowers in the hand – because the said over head screen – area carries a highest divine grace – power. (equivalent to that in the meditation Hall). It is best to see flowers in the hand after seeing just above that screen – area, a similar area on reaching or meeting the first big branch of the tree near samadhi.


Now in support of the above findings, we quote Sri Aurobindo’s “Savitri” lines on earthly sun flowers gazing at the Divine, and the Supreme’s Eyes and the human eyes seeing mutually etc., and his words on the Mother giving Her effective blessings through flowers.


1. Time’s sunflowers gaze at golden Eternity – p. 279
2. And all earth look into the eyes of God – p. 450
3. And a soul’s thoughts looked out from earth – born eyes – p. 485
4. The Supreme’s gaze looked out through human eyes – p.31
5. A vision which had scanned immortal things – p.723
6. The immense regard of immortality – p.320
7. The eyes of the Timeless look out from Time – p.20
8. The Spirit’s eyes shall look through Nature’s eyes – p. 707
9. And from her eyes the Eternal’s bliss shall gaze – p. 346
(Savitri lines)


The Mother said, “When I give flowers I give you states of Consciousness.” Sri Aurobindo says, There are three ways of blessing of the Mother, by sight, by touch and through flowersAnd it is through flowers that Her blessing is most effective.”


The above quoted Savitri” lines of Sri Aurobindo also support what he wrote last in 1949 on “The Divine Body” in his book, the Supramental Manifestation, p-40 as quoted below.


“Other numerous potentialities might appear and the body become an instrument superior to what we can now imagine as possible. There can be an evolution from a first apprehending Truth – Consciousness to the utmost heights of the ascending ranges of Supermind and it may pass the borders of the supermind proper itself where it begins to shadow out, developdelineate expressive forms of life touched by a supreme pure Existence, Consciousness and Bliss. The transformation of the physical being might follow this incessant line of progression and the divine body reflect or reproduce here in a divine life on the earth something of this higher greatness and glory of the self-manifesting spirit.”


NOTE: Though the direct divine power is obtaining in the Ashram premises by the method and means suggested in this article, and as supported by “Savitri” lines, written for the world covering the entire field of spirituality by Sri Aurobindo Himself, it is highly advisable and even obligatory for the devotees and disciples of Sri Aurobindo and The Mother that they shall begin to do or follow the method at first before the masters, standing before their life-size portrait in the Meditation Hall – as this practice would get supported by their Grace and invaluable help in our integral Yoga.


Sri Aurobindo Ashram