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Sri Gangadharan, Sri Aurobindo Ashram – Experiences of Arut Perum Jyothi (Vast Grace-Light) Mantra and Integral Mantras in 1981.

On the basis of the said Siva mantras (TM 912) of Tirumoolar and ‘Arut Perunjothi’ mantra of Swami Ramalingam which are the integral mantras for an integral realisation of the Divine and transformation of nature and body, the following Nama (Name) mantras of the Supreme Divine have been revealed to the author in their integral form. Here, the name of Siva or Rama or Krishna stands, not for any overmental god of the Religions, nor exclusively for an Avatar of that name, but for the all-inclusive Supreme Divine, one with the. Divine Shakti too. In the meditative chant of the above said two-line mantras, as well as the following, the first line gives the upward consciousness, the first part of the second line the inward and its last part the downward, though however, the mantra as a whole gives a powerful cumulative effect of concentration generally in the whole system or at a particular centre like the heart or the mid fore-head or the top head. “…Jai Ram” gives the upward consciousness, “Jai Rama..” the inward, and “Jaya Rama..” the downward; “Sree..” upwards, “Sri” inwards; “Om,” according to the context and drive of the preceeding words, upwards or inwards or downwards. However, one need not or may not necessarily watch and observe each time these changes, especially when chanting an integral mantra with the loving and joyful remembrance of the Divine, and also hearing the same simultaneously for the purpose of concentration.


  1. Sree..Ram Jai Ram..Jai Jai Rama O..m..
    Sri Rama Jai Rama. Jaya Jaya Rama O..m..
  2. Sree..Ma Jai Ma..Jai Jai Ma O..m..
    Srimayi Jaimayi.Jaya Jaya Ma O..m..
  3. Sree..Krishna Sree..Krishna Krishnaya Nama O..m..
    Hari Krishna Hari Krishna.. Krishna Krishna Nama O..m..

Each of the said three mantras and the Siva mantras (TM 912) of Tirumoolar has been found effective and powerful by Sri Gangadharan of Sri Aurobindo Ashram, giving him the following experience. In the Great Silence that ensued after the meditative chant – the vocal chant followed by the mental for about an hour, – deep Peace and Light surrounded him and Omkara sound was heard, and his physical body joined in its essence with his pure white subtle body which in turn joined with his soul’s luminous body. The process of integration takes place in the heart centre, first the physical body (i.e., its essence) rising up to the head and then coming down to the feet and back to the heart centre to complete its integration with the subtle body. Similarly the subtle body joins with the luminous body. Then, his integrated luminous body, along with his spiritual consciousness of soul as united with the Self, ascended to the vast Truth-world of Supermind, after passing through the several overhead planes and the Void. Gangadharan experienced the pure white Light of Grace in the Truth-world, and at a lower level therein he saw directly in the lower Ponnambalam the Golden Truth-world of Golden Light, the Siva-Sakti Dance in their blissful and luminous Truth-Physical Bodies and also their circumgyrating dance in bodily union, and then he returned in his integrated luminous body to the earth. Now the three bodies became distinct to enter into his system (adhara); At first the physical entered with a great inrush or the transforming “Golden Red Light” into all the cells of the physical body, then followed by the entry of the subtle along with the luminous, accompanied by a similar rush of the “Golden Light” into the whole adhara. His room was also filled with the Golden Light.

At the beginning of the chant of the respective Mantras, Gangadharan felt for a while the Presence of Thirumoolar, Swami Ramadoss of Kanhangad (Mangalore), The Mother of Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Sri Krishna, as the case may be when taking up each mantra on a different day in the order of Siva mantra, Ram Mantra, Ma mantra, Krishna mantra, respectively. In the case of Krishna mantra, the vision broke out with the scene of battlefield in which Sri Krishna was seen preaching to Arjuna and this vision disappeared and was soon replaced by Sri Aurobindo appearing in His benign luminous Golden Form. Later, during the ascent of Gangadharan to the Truth-world, Sri Aurobindo was replaced by the Mother of Sri Aurobindo Ashram especially at a stage in the ascent when an obstructing golden Dome was opened by Her with a stroke of golden hammer and as a result Golden Light rushed downwards to the earth whereas Gangadharan ascended into the Truth-World receiving the golden light in his body also. By chant of each of the above said mantras the experience as given in the preceeding ara repeated itself.


Sree..Aravinda Sree..Aravinda Aravindaya Nama O..m
Sri Aravinda Sri Aravinda..Mirra Aravinda Nama O..m


By chant of this integral mantra, Gangadharan felt Light and Omkara Sound surrounding him, and his adhara (the psychophysical system) blossomed in all the centres (chakras). Sri Aurobindo and the Mother appeared for a while in their luminous golden Forms of Grace. Then his deep soul-consciousness joined with the Self and ascended to the Truth-world, and he felt the Divine Presence everywhere. Even during the ascent, the Golden Light was seen flowing down from above and spreading everywhere. In the summit of the Truth-World he experienced the vast and pure white Light of Grace. When he was identified with it, he heard an immortal sound which made him wake up with open eyes. The vibrations of the experience continued for a long time and were tangibly felt in the body.


Arut Perunjothi…Arut Perunjothi
Thanip Perung Karunai…Arut Perunjothi


By the meditative chant of this universally appealing direct mantra of the Divine as Supreme Light of Grace, Gangadharan had the most powerful and integral experience in which the vast Light of Supreme Grace linked the Truth-world of Supermind with the whole universal manifestation (visva darshan) and the vast nether Realm of the Inconscient Darkness. The graceful Presence of Swami Ramalingam was felt for a while during the chant. Then, Gangadharan was surrounded by the white Light of Grace and Omkara Sound and Bliss. His soul-consciousness joined with the Self and ascended to the Truth-world of Supermind, seeing the pure white Light of Grace everywhere on his way. In the ascent into the Truth-World he entered into the Golden Truth-world of Golden Light (Ponnambalam proper) and then reached the summit Truth-world (Cit Ambalam) of the pure white Light of Supreme Grace (Arut Perunjothi). He became identified with the Supreme Divine of the vast Grace-Light and experienced the whole universal manifestation in its formless form and as an expression of Supreme Compassion (Thanip Perung Karunai). Then, by a power of the Grace-Shakti he came down into the Golden Truth-World and saw Siva-Sakti Dance in their subtle or formless form of union, and after descending through several planes, came back to the earth which appeared illumined by Golden Red Light.


His soul-consciousness entered back into the physical body through Brahmarandhra, the hole in the top head. But before so entering, “Golden Red Light” rushed into his physical body filling up all its cells, and then “Golden Light” similarly entered into his whole adhara. His whole body appeared luminous in golden red, and even the roots of hair shone likewise. An indescribable Bliss overwhelmed the depth of his heart. Now the Golden Light rushed into the vast nether Realm of the Inconscient Darkness and pervaded it making it luminous Golden. Then, the Inconscient was filled up with the White Light of Grace, and with it, came the tangible experience of micro-atomic, luminous and conscious white particles of Substance radiating Light-the same particles as were seen before by Gangadharan in 1978 in his rare vision of dematerialisation of the luminous golden, transformed-living-body of Swami Ramalingam (see the Appendix in Volume I) – and there was also the experience of the Supreme Divine inhabiting it with Love and Grace and Compassion. This revealed concretely that the Supreme Divine of Vast Grace-Light (Arut Perunjothi Andavar) has become the Inconscient Darkness for the play of a slow evolutionary Manifestation. Gangadharan heard a blissful Sound of Grace, hitherto unheard of ever before. He sensed too a Fragrance of Grace. After two hours of continuous experience he woke up with eyes open. This is by far the most powerful and wonderful integral experience is ever had. The vibrations of the Presence of the Supreme Divine with the Light of Supreme Grace was felt concretely and tangibly in the physical cells of the body too and it continued for long long hours. He felt his heartfelt gratitude to Arut Perunjothi Andavar for providing him this supreme experience.


The Supreme Divine is inherent in and inseparable from the Vast Light of Supreme Grace, though the Grace-Light is fully manifest above, but hidden below in the nether Darkness, and involved and indirectly present in our earthly life and body and Matter. Arut Perunjothi mantra can evoke its Grace to act in any condition and situation.


The author is whole heartedly thankful with gratitude to Gangadharan for his graceful humility and catholic readiness to accept and do these mantras one by one at his specific request. The above is given here with his knowledge and approval. Some other devotees also had integration of the three bodies at the psychic level, though without the ascent, but resulting in the experience of the concrete and tangible Presence of Swami Ramdoss or Sri Aurobindo or the Mother, deep within the heart, and also in the whole body, according to the chant of integral mantra chosen. One devotee by name T.R. Jawaharlal of Madurai who is open to the influence of the above said Super Yogis, got such an aforesaid Presence of Sri Aurobindo, and then of the Mother, by the chant of Siva mantra (TM 912) of Tirumoolar. Another devotee by name P.V. Raghava Raju of Hyderabad who was doing particularly the said Siva mantra, got a progressive integration and harmonisation of his adhara and its various contres, enabling his spiritual consciousness to rise to the overhead planes of consciousness and bring down into his adhara more and more of the blissful impulsions of a higher and higher consciousness. These integral mantras are meant for practice by the people of all age- groups including the youths and the householders and that in any posture, sitting, lying or walking.

It is readily seen that if an integral mantra at the best can give supramental transformation of body, “Arut Perunjothi” mantra is all the more necessary for transformation of the body into its deathless state, because the Light of Grace invades and illumines the Inconscient Darkness which is the strong fortress of the dark power or god of death. This mantra, received directly from the Divine by Swami Ramalingam and soon given by him to the disciples and devotees in his last days when he had already attained the deathless transformation of his body – that is, before dematerialising it in 1874 in sacrifice for the universal manifestation of the divine Grace-Light directly on the earth-has an immense significance and value for the humanity which is seeking for an individual as well as a collective evolution of its earthly life of Ignorance into a divine life of Bliss and Knowledge, and for the unity of the world and mankind.

Sri Aurobindo Ashram


Sri Gangadharan, Sri Aurobindo Ashram – Flood of Grace and Golden Light Visions and Experiences in 1976 – The Divine Mother came in the form of luminous young child as Bala.

By Gangadharan, Sri Aurobindo Ashram

It is by Grace that I came into contact with the Mother of the Sri Aurobindo Ashram in my youth when she visited my village Veerampattinam, four miles off Pondicherry, in 1928. She poured Her looks of Grace into my heart. I was soon attracted to join the Ashram in my twentieth year, which fell in 1933. I come from a poor and uneducated family. I had only completed the lower standards of school education. All the sadhana or spiritual discipline that I did and am still doing is wholly centered upon the work, which She gave to me. I work in the sanitary service of the Ashram.


By doing the work with sincerity and devotion as the Mother’s own work, I began to get experiences. By Her grace my soul or psychic has been my guide and I feel always the Mother’s Presence in my heart. From time to time various kinds of spiritual experiences have come, one after another. In my 63rd year, I had a flood of spiritual experiences and visions soon after I had sat in meditation in Sri Aurobindo’s room on my birthday, along with fellow disciples and devotees whose birthdays coincides with mine. Then in the next year, when I meditated in my own room on my sixty-fourth birthday (24-7-76) at 12 noon, the Grace of our Divine Mother descended and entered into the depth of my mid-forehead.

She came in the form of a Luminous Young Child – Bala, in the same form as when She had been about seven years old – and opened the “chakra” on the top of the head, the Sahasrara, giving rise to wonderful visions and experiences.


I feel that these are purely a gift of the Grace of our Divine Mother, and not at all due to my merits or qualifications or Sadhana. The experiences have continued and developed since then and especially in my midnight meditations between 2 and 3 a.m. Soon after the experiences, the Grace comes in the form of Tamil poetry in which they get expressed. Below I am giving in English some recent experiences in the order in which they came.


The Divine Mother lit the Light of a Lamp burning in the middle of my forehead. It is a Light that extended, with its flaming heat, in all directions.


In the depth of a silence beyond mind and heart, I found the pure flame of Truth blazing in its intensity. As the bud blossoms unfolding its petals all around, so the inner consciousness blossomed and expanded in that profound silence.


In lonely silence again, I realized the Divine Mother, the Consciousness of all consciousness, manifesting Herself as a luminous young child – Bala. I became one with Her in consciousness.


My uvula curved upwards and tasted the oozing Amrita (Nectar) of Grace. The thousand-petalled lotus opened itself. I sensed its subtle fragrance full of Grace.


The lid of Brahmarandhra (Aperture of Brahman) opened itself. The last vestige of the ego was dissolved. A flood of Light entered in from above. I became absorbed in Bliss, the most precious gift of the Mother. The infinite pure Consciousness and the Self were realized.


The bond of birth and death has been broken and with that the dualities of pleasure and pain, sorrow and happiness were cancelled. The being has become free by realizing the Light of Consciousness, which is the source of the Vedas.


Mother Bala gave by Her Grace the Eye of Knowledge to see and realize the Truth. By surrendering to her Lotus-Feet one can receive the supreme fulfillment of life as Her gift.


After the rending of the lid on the top of the head, and being surrounded by Light, I quickly rushed through wide spaces of heavens. Heavens within heavens were entered. The consciousness moved both upwards and inwards. It crossed six overhead planes, which had been screening the Truth. Then I entered into the experience of void, the Sunya of Nothingness. But this was not the end. I felt I was neat the Vast Realm of Light which is the Home of Mother Bala who has manifested to me in Her splendor of Light. The ascending path to the Home of Grace and Peace was seen. The Golden Door opened. I trod the interior path to the Heaven of Mother Bala and quickly entered into the Vast realm of Truth-Knowledge. I saw Mother Bala seated in Her Form of dynamic and vibrating golden Light in Her own supreme and universal Heaven of Light. I had wonderful visions of truth; and Bliss coursed through and overflowed my whole being.


Cascades of intensities of the pure golden Light spread in all directions, and all the spaces were flooded with the golden Light. The Light, within the inner Light was realized and I became one with the consciousness of Light and partook of the Amrita of Bliss.


entered into the vast Golden Truth-world and realized its vast Golden Light of Truth-knowledge. There was an enjoyment of the dynamic play of the Lord, His play of the beginning-less and endless Bliss. I realized the Supreme Lord with His Shakti Uma as the Two-in-one in the vast Golden realm of Truth, which even the great gods fail to see. I realized Him as the Lord of my soul and self, present everywhere and bestowing His grace on the devoted faithful in the depth of their hearts.


There, all the crores of heavens and worlds and the physical cosmic bodies, namely, the sun, planets, earth, moon and stars were seen whirling like atoms. I saw them with the eyes of Grace.


I realized the vast and supreme golden Light of Grace in its own Home of Truth, which is without beginning and end. I became the pure Consciousness of the dynamic golden Light of Truth. The source of the secret Truth of the Vedas was found, and that without one’s learning to know of it. I realized the supreme Light (suddha param jyoti) spreading, from far beyond above, in all directions.


In the supreme and pure infinity of existence, which is without day and night the unity of the all-containing supreme (eka poorana) was realized. It was realized also as the one infinite and eternal Bliss of the supreme Consciousness.


The world of play of Truth-knowledge is found in the depth of silence. The whole universal movement is the play of the Lord of the Truth-world, the play of Knowledge-Will, the play of the beginning-less and endless Ananda. The earthly life shall get changed into a play of Bliss when one annihilates the ego and realizes the supreme Lord who has extended Himself as the universe.


The Golden Sun of Truth-knowledge rose up in that supreme world of Peace and silence, and in the midst of the vibrating ocean of Ananda, spreaing the flood of golden Light everywhere and illuminating, sustaining and nourishing the earthly world of ours. With the rising of the Sun of Truth-knowledge, the darkness disappeared everywhere and the Golden-Light pervaded the whole universe and the earth too became golden.


The pure Golden Light descended from the vast Heaven of Truth-knowledge like the raining of waters. The earth, being flooded with the descending golden Truth-Light of Grace, changed into a golden earth, shining in its golden luminosity. A golden world is seen born, and men too become golden in the mental, vital and physical levels of existence. With the descending force of the golden Light of truth on the earth, a new era has began and the earth has woken up with a new consciousness which is seen vibrating with a new awakening of life at all levels of human existence. The human race is awakening everywhere with a new life.


Carried by the force of the flood of the descending golden Light, I came down to the earthly consciousness when I entered into my body through the Brahmarandhra.


hear the Omkaranada vibrating in me and, along with it, the Golden Truth-Light infiltrate into my adhara. The heart is filled with the consciousness of Grace, which is indeed the Golden Light of Grace. The ego has been completely effaced. The golden Light of truth also descended into me, into my mind, life and body and made them golden. The golden Light entered into all the cells of the body, into the bones, muscles, tissues, brain and nerves, blood and its cells, skin and even the hairs, from the root to the end, and made them appear golden with a tinge of red. The whole body appeared a beautiful golden red body.


I saw even the Sun of golden red Light rising up over the earthly sky, spreading its golden red Light of Truth into the whole material earth. The golden red Light of Truth is verily the concrete physical form of the highest supreme consciousness. The descending Golden Light becomes the golden red Light when reaching into matter and the material world and the material body.


The phenomenal universe, which is derived and born from the supreme eternal truth of Bliss, Light and Peace moves to reach and become the Truth of Bliss, Light and Peace again, by enjoying the endless Bliss.


Man shall realize the eternal Truth and become That and he shall live the immortal life here on the earth by attaining a deathless body.


The Golden Light of Truth is awaiting above the head to descend and enter in man through the opening of the sahasrara when one, being awakened to the physical being, remains in undisturbed silence and peace. The golden Light is seen to rush into the whole adhara and into the body and shall transform man.


(From “Mother India” March 1977)


T.R.Thulasiram’s remark :


Gangadharan’s above experiences of the truth-World have been here reproduced from the March 77 issue of Mother India Journal of the Ashram. Only he has added now a few Tamil terms by way of foot notes for a better understanding of his experiences by the readers. The Mother of the Ashram remarked once long time before that Gangadharan is always in Her consciousness.

Sri Gangadharan, Sri Aurobindo Ashram – A rare vision in 1978 of the dematerialisation of Swami Ramalingam’s Supramental deathless divine body after he locked himself in his room on 30-1-1874.

Sri Gangadharan, Sri Aurobindo Ashram

It was by a rare virtue (Punya) that on the first day of Tamil month Thai (14-1-78), I had a continuous Vision between 2 a.m. and 3 a.m. in my usual meditation in the night. The vision of dematerialization of the physical body of Swami Ramalingam into and as the Truth-Light of Supreme Grace which contains or possesses in itself Supreme Compassion and Bliss of Grace.


Though I have had occasions to ascend into and remain for sometime in the Truth-World of Grace -Light wherefrom I could see the earth as part of the universe, the said Vision came to me when my consciousness was on the earth itself, though aware of the Truth-World and the Beyond.


To begin with I sensed an ineffable Silence and Peace (Para Shanta Mauna) prevailing everywhere and I heard continuously Para Nada. The mysterious divine Sound in that Supreme Silence and Peace. Then the Vision broke out.


A small village was seen in its simple and beautiful surroundings, though not endowed with a rich beauty of nature. There was the concrete Presence of the Supreme and Universal Divine with the beautiful Truth-Light of Grace and Fragrance, which enriched the place all the more and enraptured my heart with ever increasing aspiration for Grace. At the center of the village was seen a small house in its purity and peace. Sweet Fragrance of Grace radiated everywhere from the house.


Vallalar (Swami Ramalingam), the Great Munificent, was seen entering the house. His face was calm and peaceful. He was seen as the very embodiment of Compassion and his body was filled with the Fire of Tapas of Truth-Consciousness as of the Purity of the Supreme Divine (Suddha Sivam). His whole body was radiating the Light of Grace. Besides, his body was of silken or light golden shining colour. He entered into the verandah and kindled the wick of a burning oil-lamp and it began to burn more brightly. Then he stepped into his room and closed the doors and bolted inside. At that time there was the Concrete Presence of the Supreme and Universal Divine in the room. The Presence could be sensed even physically and even by the born-blind. There was also Silence, Peace, Fragrance and the Light of Grace due to the Presence.


Vallalar sat on the white cloth spread on a low wooden plank and began to concentrate. In that poise he was seen as a Mountain of Truth-Knowledge with the Truth -Light of Grace and Peace and Fire of Tapas. He was verily a supreme form of the Divine. Flood of Light was radiating from his pure and luminous body into all the directions.


Supreme Grace, Supreme Compassion and the Light of Grace are expressive of the secret truth that they hold the key for transformation of physical body into the deathless physical body of Grace in its eternal youthfulness. One has to live in the depth of the ocean of blissful Grace- light for getting transformed into the divine nature and as the divinised body.


The intensity of the flood of Light that radiated from his whole body was very powerful and one shall have the strength and capacity to bear and receive it. My whole body vibrated with a joy and pleasantness because of the Vision of Light of his body.


After sometime of concentration, he rose up and saw the physical sky. Full moon was shedding its blissful cool rays over the earth. A little distance away from the moon was seen a very bright and concentrated Splendour of Light. It appeared like a bright dazzling star of Light. The Swami poured his concentrated gaze at it for sometime. He became enraptured with blissful joy in the heart, which radiated on his face. A little time thereafter, he again sat on the white seat of the plank and entered into deep concentration.


Though the Swami was inside the closed and bolted room, he could see clearly the whole universe (Vishwa Prapancha) with It’s tiers of many worlds of mind; life and the physical including the physical earth and sky with its moon, stars and clouds.


When he was thus absorbed in deep concentration, an effulgent Truth- Light of Grace broke out from his heart and with it’s unique Heat began to burn his radiant physical body very slowly, as if at a snail’s speed, and that in an upward direction, from the heart towards the head. The burning of the body may be somewhat likened to that of an incense-stick which however burns downwards by its inner heat of fire, forming ash-covering but without the falling down of the ash-form.


When the upper part of his radiant body was burnt completely from heart to head, there was left in its place a form of pure white substance, which also radiated its light of Consciousness. The burnt part, however, showed all it’s features intact and clearly and even the burnt hair of his head was seen distinctly as luminous white hair. Then the Heat of the pure Light of Grace descended to burn the lower part.


After the whole body was thus burnt, the Swami was seen as a bodily form of pure white substance from head to foot, radiating it’s Light. Even the blood had changed into a white luminous Substance. The form white kept intact all the different kinds of cells of his body and all the distinctive features and formations of his interior and exterior body. His bodily form did not shrink in size after the burning. I saw no visible flame nor sensed its heat during the burning of his living body, nor smoke, nor any bad smell as of burnt tissues, nor heard any cracking noise as of burnt bones. But instead, there was a sweet Fragrance since the time his body began to burn and it spread everywhere. I sensed in my heart an ineffable Calmness and Silence, which gave me in turn a state of Bliss.


Now a second stage of burning began. The unique Heat of Grace -Light began to burn slowly the Swami’s luminous Form of white Substance from head to foot downwards. When his white Substance-Form full of it’s radiating Light, was thus burnt completely, the white Substance became very fine sub-atomic consciousness particles which permeated and pervaded the entire universe and the farther pure worlds of consciousness beyond. The fine, white and conscious particles with it’s radiating Light also entered into and got distributed everywhere in the earth and even in matter and in the Inconscient. After the universal pervasive distribution of the particles, they could be seen no more and disappeared from my sight. But now there pervaded everywhere the sweet, soft and fine Fragrance of Camphor which gave my body a blissful sensation and enraptured my heart as well.


Then I had the rare vision of the Swami’s universal luminous golden Form. As a matter of fact the immensity of his golden form contained in it the whole universe (Vishva Prapancha). This form too disappeared from my view and was replaced by another vision in which I saw the Golden Light of Truth- knowledge and Grace entering into all the directions more speedily than the lightning. It permeated and pervaded the whole universe and the farther pure worlds of Consciousness. It entered into our earth and all it’s crores of the physical forms of beings and objects and in the apparently insensible matter (Jada) and even in the very dark realm of the vast Inconscient. All the forms that were permeated by the Golden Light of Truth changed into golden forms of beings and objects. The golden Light entered into my whole adhara including the physical body. My body felt in all the cells vibrations of ease and pleasantness.


Then I heard some words of Grace, but they were indistinctly heard and could not be deciphered, as I was absorbed in a rapture of Bliss due to the sublime vision and experiences. Thus the Vision lasted an hour of time and came to an end.


The visible physical light is the concrete symbol of the Vast truth-Light of Grace which is the source of all lightsCamphor is verily a solid form or symbol of that light. The Swami’s soul is inseparable from the conscious white particles of Substance which he has become and pervadingly distributed everywhere. When the Supreme Truth- Consciousness manifests in the physical world, it becomes the golden Light of Grace. The Will of the Supreme Divine in the Vast Truth-Light of Grace shall be fulfilled on the earth. The Golden Light of Grace will purify and transform man and the physical body too will become deathless physical Truth-Body, and the Sanmarga of Truth, Purity and Goodness shall prevail on the earth. As Anma (soul) realizes the pure Spirit, the body too shall realize its truth as the true body of the Spirit.



Sri Thulasiram, Sri Aurobindo Ashram – Vision and Experiences of Vallalar’s Visit in 1981 to T.R.Thulasiram’s residence in Sri Aurobindo Ashram and Fixing his the highest Integral Grace Power in the floor. And the Divine Mother appeared next day in her luminous golden body and gave him the mantra “Arut Perum Jyothi or Vast Grace-Light”

It was in the later part of 1981, soon after the publication of my book ‘Arut Perum Jothi and Deathless Body’ (a comparative study of Swami Ramalingam with Sri Aurobindo and The Mother and Thirumoolar), Vallalar visited me in my residential house of our Ashram in the early morning hours.


It was a beautiful vision of the Supramental Light of Grace (ArutPerunJothi) radiating from His Divine Body – a Light dazzling, beautiful, transparent, white and vibrantly dynamic and coming out from His Body clad in with white cloth on, so as to surround it fully. The Swami was seen blissfully smiling and with wink of His eyes. I could see the Light within His eyes too. He could be seen, in full because of the pure transparency of the Light surrounding His whole Body. He made me see the soles of His beautiful Feet, radiating Grace-Light which fell on the floor-space, half a foot below His feet. The radiant Grace-Light is an inseparable part of His body, from head to soles of His Feet.

He fixed by this Light of Greatest Grace-Power on the said floor-space and in my bed-room – which goes to prove the deathless nature of His Body.


The Swami sat on my cot-bed near my legs and then stood on the nearby floor-space, manifesting in full His Body with Grace-Light (ArutJothi).


Without walking, He moved by the vibrations of His Grace-Light to the adjacent room of my father (a great national freedom fighter and prominent social worker and M.L.A, was leading later part of his life in our Ashram) and I saw Him return again to my room before leaving. Thus it was more of a Visit rather than a mere vision.


Following the event, The Mother (of Sri Aurobindo Ashram) too came the day after, in Her Luminous Body, and holding my right hand gave me the Swami’s Tamil Mantra of ArutPerunJothi (Vast Grace-Light) which vibrated deep in my heart.


(Sri Aurobindo Ashram)


Note : The far-reaching and widening significance of this Visit / Vision of Vallalar, can be understood by going through the books of Sri T.R.Thulasiram, especially the book titled… ‘THE MOTHER – U.N.0. – VALLALAR: Supramental Evolution since 1874’ and also the Tamil version (but enhanced with more details) of the same book.