Auro – Ma- Ramalingam Trust

AURO-MA-RAMALINGAM Trust is grateful to the following Indian Multinational Corporates, Business Houses, Private Trusts and Individuals for their liberal financial contributions in supporting its publication of books (i.e.’The-Mother-U.N.O. -Vallalar’ and ‘Ulagil Arut Perum Jyothium Vallalarin Erava Muthdega Arulatchium’).


The gracious help and co-ordination of Dr. N.Mahalingam, Chairman of Shakthi Group of Industries and President of Ramalinga Mission, Chennai, India for enlisting the support of the said corporates and pioneering the concept of CSSR(Corporate Spiritual Social Responsibility) is hereby placed on record.


All these Corporate houses have participated in this CSSR(Corporate Spiritual Social Responsibility), in helping to bring to light the rich spiritual and philosophical treasures of Tamil Siddhars, Yogis and Saints and disseminating their translated works in English, meant for the entire humanity in attaining the world peace, religious unity and harmony, global wholistic economic prosperity, spiritual evolution, physical and mental well-being etc.