Sri M.P.Pandit


By Sri M.P.Pandit


The subject that I have chosen so as to introduce you all to what Thulasiramji is going to present you today, is “Growth in God”. God is something to be lived. God is not only to be worshipped in temples, hill-tops, pursued in forests, but He is to be lived in our day-to-day life. That is what the Bhagavad Gita counsels us to offer all our actions to God, to turn our life into a dedicated sacrifice to God. Though, the Gita was pronounced 3000 years ago, it has a renowned philosophy. Very few of us practice. We still think our duty is done by celebrating festivals, going to temples and forgetting about it for the rest of the day. That will lead us no-where. God is present in this world, in our life. The Swetaswatara Upanishad describes, “Thou art there in the world in a old man with a walking stick, Thou art there in the young boy and in girl, Thou art there in the birds of red eye and blue, everywhere God is there. But, we are closed to His presence. God reveals Himself in a hundred ways, if only we have the eye to see. Our education, our culture is all leading us outward. We do not have the inner eye, to perceive God in life. It is a lesson of to-day’s spirituality all over the world, to discover God in life, to express God in our relations with our family members, with the members of the society, which should measure our closeness or distance from God by the way in which we can carry people around ourselves, with ourselves or we antagonize people. So, the test of whether one is a true Bhakta is there in everyday life, and in this philosophy of discovering God in life, in human beings, in plants everywhere. God reveals Himself through forms, through colours, through flowers. There is a great energy, a healing power of God spread over the earth and it expresses itself with certain force, in certain objects, like flowers. Flowers carry a great healing power.


When I was in Germany, I was astounded to find to what a great extent a whole science has been developed, of “Flower Therapy”. When people get ill, they don’t rush to hospitals, they don’t go to doctors. But, they have their chart and they see which flower has the capacity to cure a headache, to cure a fever, to cure arthritis and a whole Science is developed. Each flower, its shade, its shape, everything makes a difference. Similarly, in occult Science, what is called “Gupta Vidya”, each colour has a special potency. The Theosophists have familiarized us with the subject of auras. Around each person, there is an aura, there is a light, there is an outline, and that outline, that aura has a colour. If I am angry, that colour is red, if I am depressed that colour is dark, if I am thinking, it is yellow, that way it goes on. Each colour has a significance, and how to know the colours? Till now only adepts, advanced people, would see the colours of auras, thoughts. But now, science has developed what is called Kirlean Photography. Now, Kirlean Photography is an advanced technique by which, if you have this flower and you cut half of it and then photograph, you will still see the whole lotus. Half of it is thick and the rest in an outline. That shows the lotus has a gross body as well as a subtle body, a Sooshuma Sharira and that has, gives a colour of the state of consciousness, the kind of energy, that flows through it. So, if my finger is cut, if the Kirlean Photographer photographs it. The finger is still be seen but in a different form, and if I am photographed, my aura is shown giving the particular colour exposing my thoughts, my feelings. So, today, we are arriving at a stage in the world, where nothing can be hidden. I cannot think evil thoughts and speak swiftly, I will be found out. So, God is revealing Himself in many ways. Inaugurating a Satya Yuga or age of truth, my colleague Thulasiramji has been engaged in extensive researches during the last few years in finding out, the potentiality of these colours, what proportion have each colour. The Theosophists have their own categorization. The Egyptians have their own. But today how does it relate to us? – Through colours have a role to play in our well being, in our health, in our spiritual progress, in our education. Now, he has been single handedly working on this subject, in our Ashram, which consists a genre of 2000 people from all parts of the world and ranging from two years children and 90 years old people. Now, he has discovered certain potencies, certain applications, of what is called “Colour Therapy” for your health, spiritual health, mental health, physical health and you can’t get colours as you like. So, he has reduced it to colour ribbons. Ribbons of particular colours, their combinations, and he has been attempting to give a scientific explanation. A verifiable thesis is not something that he asks your faith to proceed upon, but, he gives the argument and he says the means by which, you can verify, and in our Indian tradition, anybody is regarded as a “Seer” as one who gives a philosophy, if that metaphysics, that darshana, is capable of being verified in practice by others, adopting the same means. India is the only country where new philosophies rise, new Rishis are accepted, new religions take place, all because of the freedom of Thought. Now, Thulasiramji has initiated a new line of thought, a new line of research, much will need to be done, much will need to be built up, the thesis that he has discovered and what in its relevance. He has come all the way from Pondicherry, more than nearly 500 or 600 kilometers to acquaint you, I expect of my knowledge to grow to expand and also I hope to benefit from his researches. And I have great pleasure, Sirs, in recommending this line of approach, the science of colours, the therapy of colour ribbons, applied to your own health, applied to others, instead of getting anti-biotics and spoiling your health, instead of going for untried specifics those of you who have read the latest novel “Strong Medicine” by “Arther Halley” would know how multinational companies are playing with our lives. Indira Gandhi complained bitterly how medicines, specifics which are prohibited from being used in America are being widely distributed in India. D.D.T., we were using in our fields, and raising our crops, but in America, they are not allowed to use D.D.T. that way it is going on. We have to get free from this slavery to western medicines and adopt more natural ways. God manifests in different colours, different qualities. Though Nirakara Brahman is a Truth, Sakara Brahman is a greater Truth, because it is more relevant to us. And how colours can play a part in us. What dress we put on, I have observed, some people have allergy to certain colours, some people have affinity to certain other colours. You can judge a person’s character, you can judge a person’s personality by the way a person is attracted to certain colours. They show the state of intestines, they show the state of the emotions, they show the state of the mind which colour you are attracted to and which is the anti-dote for your use. It is a vast subject on which I dare not to enter because I have not specialized. I have only yogic curiosity and you have before you, a feast of new revelations in the field of “Colour Therapy


Thanking You.