Swami Satchidananda


 Swami Ramadas

Mother Krishna Bai

Sri Satchidananda Swami

Blessed are those in whom God has revealed Himself by shuffling off the mask of ignorance He had Himself put on in order to play a vital role in this world-Lila as an individual. We call them saints and worship them as God. Having realized their diviniy, the saints serve human beings in every possible way to help them in their Sadhana to ralize their true divine nature and existence, in short, to get the same experience they have got. Their sphere of activity and the amount of help they render depend upon how much God wills to get things done through them, His chosen instruments. These saints are a great blessing to humanity. But for them the world would be groping in darkness. Even after their physical departure from the world, the great souls continue to guide earnest aspirants in their quest


To all intents and purposes, many saints live like ordinary people with the only difference that they are full of love and compassion. Because od their inner transformation and universal vision they treat everybody equally, are a source of strength to those who depend upon them. They live spreading the aroma of divine love and showing the way to eternal happiness to one and all. When they have fulfilled their divine mission they drop the body in the natural course. There are a few among them like Saint Jnaneshwar and Rahavendra Swami who entered Jiva Samadhi. They sit in meditation in an underground chamber and their disciples close the same. Very rarely we hear about saints dematerializing their body like Nandanar and Mira when they stood before the idols of their Lords in the temples. We had also heard from Pujya Mataji Krishnabai about her ancestor Saint Appayya Samarth who dematerialized his body in Bhatkall, North Kanara.


Sri T R Thulasiram, reveals us about Sri Ramalinga Swami (VALLALAR) who had made his body deathless and dematerialized it at Vadalur in 1874. Before this happened, the revered Swamiji had told his disciples, ” I am in this body. Henceforth i would enter into all the bodies.” According to that last statment, the Swamiji has been actively helping the Sadhakas by appearing before them in his Grace-power in some places and persons. Sri Thulasiram on his own admission is one such favoured devotee who saw the Swamiji standing near his cot in his room and later sitting on his cot. He has made a deep probe into such mysterious occurrences witnessed by him and by a few others, and also into the Swamiji’s assurance that he has esablished his Grace-power all over the country for the spiritual uplift of all beings. The Mother of Sri Aurobindo Ashram has also acknowledged the presence of this Grace-power in the Ashram during her conversation with Sat prem. In the course of the research conducted by Sri Thulasiram, he has been able to unearth many things about the Swamiji influencing people and earnestly working to bring about a transformation in their lives and also helping them even to make their body deathless. A wonderufl work of grace indeed!


Sri Thulasiram has explained on how to find out by the use of magnets where and whom the Swamiji’s Grace-power is established and to what extent. He has also narrated here how the Swamiji’s Grace-power is established and to what extent. He has also narrated here how the Swamiji’s work is going on in different places in fulfillment of all that he had said in his songs in Tamil. The author has translated into English the songs and published them in two volumes titled “ARUT PERUM JYOTI AND DEATHLESS BODY”. The books give valuable insight into the mysterious working of Grace.


Inscrutable are the ways of saints who are Gods in human form. May they continue to shower their grace on all and make the world a better place to live in and make the individuals realize their true being and existence