The Mother

Supramental Incarnations – Mother

(The Supramental Avatar of Universal Divine Mother)
(1878 – 1973)
“Om Ananda Mayi, Chaitanya Mayi, Satya Mayi Parame”


– Sri Aurobindo

Mantras of Mother
(by T.R.Thulasiram)
“O … m … Namo Namashree … Mirrambikayai
Mirrah … Sharanam Mama”.

” Sree … Ma Jai Ma … Jai Jai Ma O … m …
Srimayi Jaimayi … Jaya Jaya Ma O … m …”

The Mother bringing down the Supramental Manifestation upon earth

“The Mother comes in order to bring down the Supramental and it is the descent which makes her full manifestation here possible.”


– Sri Aurobindo

“The One whom we adore as the Mother is the divine Consciousness Force that dominates all existence, one and yet so many-sides that to follow her movement is impossible even for the quickest mind and for the freest and most vast intelligence. The Mother is the consciousness and force of the Supreme and far above all she creates.”


“Mother’s embodiment is a chance for the earth-consciousness to receive the Supramental into it and to undergo first the transformation necessary for that to be possible. Afterwards there will be a further transformation by the Supramental.”


“There is one divine Force which acts in the universe and in the individual and is also beyond the individual and the universe. The Mother stands for all these, but she is working here in the body to bring down something not yet expressed in this material world so as to transform life here- it is so that you should regard her as the Divine Shakti working here for that purpose. She is that in the body, but in her whole consciousness she is also identified with all the other aspects of the Divine.”


“The Divine Mother is the Consciousness and Force of the Divine- which is the Mother of all things. It is the Divine who is the Master- the Self is inactive, it is always a silent witness supporting all things – that is the static aspect. There is also the dynamic aspect through which the Divine works – behind that is the Mother. You must not lose sight of that, that it is through the Mother that all things are attained.”


“..Mother has taken the body because a work of a physical nature(including a change in the physical world) had to be done. Some have come with her to share in the work, other she had called, others have come seeking for the light. With each she has a personal relation or a possibility of the personal relation, but each is of its own kind. To apply silly mathematical rules of the physical mind here is absurd. Your physical mind cannot understand what the Mother does, its values and standards and ideas are not hers. It is still worse to make your personal vital demand or desire the measure of what she ought to do. She acts in each case for different reasons suitable to that case.”


“This is what is termed the Adya Shakti; she is the Supreme Consciousness and power above the universe and it is by her that all the Gods are manifested, and even the Supramental Ishwara comes into manifestation through her- the Supramental Purushottama of whom the Gods are powers and personalilities.”


“Four great Aspects of the Mother, four of her leading Powers and Personalities have stood in front in her guidance of this Universe and in her dealings with the terrestrial play. One is her personality of calm wideness and comprehending wisdom and tranquil benignity and inexhaustible compassion and sovereign and surpassing majesty and all-ruling greatness. Another embodies her power of splendid strength and irresistible passion, her warrior mood, her overwhelming will, her impetuous swiftness and world-shaking force. A third is vivid and sweet and wonderful with her deep secret of beauty and harmony and fine rhythm, her intricate and subtle opulence, her compelling attraction and captivating grace. The fourth is equipped with her close and profound capacity of intimate knowledge and careful flawless work and quiet and exact perfection in all things. Wisdom, Strength, Harmony, Perfection are their several attributes and it these powers that they bring with them into the world, manifest in a human disguise in their Vibhutis and shall found in the divine degree of their ascension in those who can open their earthly nature to the direct and living influence of the Mother. To the four we give the four great names, Maheswari, Mahakali, Mahalakshmi, Mahasaraswati.”


“If you desire this transformation, put yourself in the hands of the Mother and her Powers without cavil or resistance and let her do unhindered her work within you. Three things you must have, consciousness, plasticity, unreserved surrender.”


“But be on your guard and do not try to understand and judge the Divine Mother by your little earthly mind that loves to subject even the things that are beyond it to its own norms and standards, its narrow reasonings and erring impressions, its bottomless aggressive ignorance and its petty self-confident knowledge. The human mind shut in the prison of its half-lit obscurity cannot follow the many-sided freedom of the steps of the Divine Shakti.”


“Avoid also the error of the ignorant mind’s demand on the Divine Power to act always according to our crude surface notions of omniscience and omnipotence. For our mind clamours to be impressed at every turn by miraculous power and easy success and dazzling splendour; otherwise it cannot believe that here is the Divine. The Mother is dealing with the Ignorance in the fields of the Ignorance; she has descended there and is not all above, partly she veils and partly she unveils her knowledge and her power, often holds them back from her instruments and personalities and follows that she may transform them the way of the seeking mind, the way of the aspiring psychic, the way of the battling vital, the way of the imprisoned and suffering physical nature.”


“..But that the change(supramental change) may arrive, take form and endure, there is needed the call from below with a will to recognize and not deny the Light when it comes, and there is needed the sanction of the Supreme from above. The power that mediates between the sanction and the call is the presence and power of the Divine Mother. The Mother’s power and not any human endeavour and tapasya can alone rend the lid and tear the covering and shape the vessel and bring down into this world of obscurity and falsehood and death and suffering Truth and Light and Life Divine and the immortal’s Ananda.”


– Sri Aurobindo in “The Mother”

On 29th Feb. 1956

During the common meditation on Wednesday

This evening the Divine Presence, concrete and material, was there present amongst you. I had a form of living gold, bigger than the universe, and I was facing a huge and massive golden door which seperated the world from the Divine.

As I looked at the door, I knew and willed, in a single movement of conciousness, that ” the time has come,” and lifting with both hands a mightly golden hammer I struck one blow, one single blow on the door and the door was shattered to pieces

Then the Supramental Light and Force and Consciousness rushed down upon earth in an uninterrupted flow.

1956 29 Feb – 29 March

Lord, Thou hast willed, and I execute:
A new light breaks upon the earth,
A new world is born.
The things that were promised are fulfilled.

24 April 1956

The manifestation of the Supramental upon earth is no more a promise but a living fact, a reality.

It is at work here, and one day will come when the most blind, the most unconcious, even the most unwilling shall be obliged to recognise it.

A new world, based on Truth and refusing the old slavery to falsehood, wants to take birth. In all countries there are people who know it, atleast feel it.

To them we call: “Will you Collaborate?”

Open yourself to the new Light that has dawned upon earth and a luminous path will spread in front of you.

The conciousness of this new race is already at work upon earth to enlighten all who are able to receive it and heed it.

People who are inwardly ready, who are open and in contact with higher forces, people who have had a more or less direct personal contact with the Supramental Light and Conciousness are able to feel the difference in the earth-atmosphere.

Naturally, the first effect (of Supramental Manifestation) will be a change of conciousness, first among the most receptive, and then in a greater number of people. A change in the general conditions of collective life can only come later, perhaps long after individual reactions have been transformed. The first noticeable result is the heightening of the general confusion, because the old principles have lost their authority, and men (except a very few) are not ready to obey the Divine Command, because they are incapable of perceiving it.

We are at one of these” Hours of God”, when the old bases get shaken, and there is a great confusion; but it is a wonderful opportunity for those who want to leap forward, the possibility of progress is exceptional.

– The Mother



(Please refer ‘Agenda de Mere XI-1970’by Satprem (Institut de Recherches Evolutives) and the entire conversation of Mother’s Agenda of July 22,1970, pp.288 to 294, together with the copies of original letters of Satprem in ‘Archives &Correspondence page in this website)


Reproduced with Courtesty from The Mother’s Agenda by Satprem Vol II 1970

“Mother on Vast-Grace Light (Arut Perum Jyothi)”

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Grace-Light. Oh! I liked it very much in his letter … Grace-Light. That, that is what is working. You know; the work that is being done through this (the body), it is absolutely like a Grace-Light. I liked it very is absolutely this.


Well, it is a light that has many degrees, and in the most material, it is lightly … it must be the supramental force because it is lightly golden, light rosy (you know this light) but very very pale. There is one(gesture pointing to a higher strata) which is whitelike milk, opaque -that is very strong. There is one (gesture pointing very high) which is white … which is a light that is transparent. That, that is something interesting; a drop of it on the hostile forces, it dissolves them. They melt like this (twinkling of the eye). I said all this to Sri Aurobindo, and he confirmed it absolutely. It is essentially the Grace in its state … (gesture pointing very high) supreme. It is a Light, it has no colour, you see, it is transparent, and this light (I experienced it, and I say this because I know): one puts it on a hostile being and … it dissolves like this. It is extraordinary … and then, under its aspect which we could call benevolent (that is the Grace which succors, and which helps, and which cures), it is white like milk. And if I want an action absolutely material (but this is recent – it is only recently since the coming of this New Consciousness) so in its action that is physical on the physical, it becomes slightly coloured: it is luminous. It is golden with rosy inside but it is not rosy (Mother takes a hibiscus flower near her) it is like this.


“The translations of the experiences of Swami Ramalingam has been read to Mother and she does not doubt at all their authenticity: She particularly liked the way the Swami called this light, the “Grace-Light”, and She said that this corresponded to Her own experience. She remarked that it is very probable that throughout the ages, and even now, a certain number of individuals, known and unknown, have had similar experiences. The only difference is that, now, instead of an individual possibility, it is a collective possibility – this is just the work of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother to establish as an earthly fact and as possibility for every one, the Supramental Conciousness or “Grace-Light” as Swami Ramalingam called it.”




The Mother’s above remarks on Grace-Light and its three levels or degrees have appeared under 11th July 1970 in volume XI of L’Agenda De Mere as published in 1981. The above passage has been translated from French – By courtesy to the Institut De Recherches Evolutives, Paris.


  1. See Appendix III (a) to III (f) of his book “Arut Perum Jothi and Deathless Body” (Volume I), and its introductory page which also shows the above passage. Sri T.R.Thulasiram as an inmate of Sri Aurobindo Ashram and as a disciple of The Mother, sent to Her his letter dated 4.7.1970 through Satprem of then Ashram with a covering letter to him – regarding the body-transformation of Swami Ramalingam by the power of divine Love and Grace-Light, as revealed in the Swami’s poem “Jothi Agaval”. A true and faithful translation of the relevant part of the poem was done in simple and good English for a ready understanding of the matter and it was also sent to the Mother. However, the Swami was wrongly reported to the Mother to have died, though instead he had dematerialized his transformed body and disappeared in 1874, though only apparently.
  2. See Appendix II and IV of this book: Mother’s spontaneous remarks on Grace-Light, as originally passed on to T.R.Thulasiram by Satprem on 12-7-70 (see Appendix II) are the same as given in the L’Agenda on 22-7-70, and end with the words … Supramental Consciousness OR THE GRACE-LIGHT AS SWAMI RAMALINGAM CALLED IT. Subsequently on 28-7-70 the words in capital were dropped out and instead the Mother’s words, subsequent remarks (made in a different context) viz., “Grace-Light is … one activity of the supramental” were added: The modified and diluted subsequent remarks are given in Appendix III (c ) of the former book. The modification was done evidently to avoid the controversy which Sri K.D.Sethna as a spokesman of the Ashram raised, by his happening to question the sanctity or validity of the Mother’s spontaneous and independent spiritual view and experience on the matter referred to her by T.R.Thulasiram. However the fact that the Mother held the firm view, that Swami Ramalingam was directly in contact with the Supramental, was not at all reported to T.R.Thulasiram in the reply letter of Satprem.
  3. Superman Consciousness since 1-1-1969, entered with its golden Light the Mother’s body. It was later called by her by a more appropriate name, “the new Consciousness”, to mean the Supramental.

The Anatomy of Supramental Physical Deathless Body of Swami Ramalingam


(Referred by T.R.Thulasiram to the Divine Mother, Sri Aurobindo Ashram)


“O My unique Love that has welled up in my heart and filled it up so as to make my life blossom! … O My unique Love! Thou hast given Thyself to me and transformed me by the Grace-Light! O My unique Love that has united with me in my heart so as to transform my body into a golden one!”


“The skin has become supple; the influx of the nerves all over the body is vibrating with pauses in between; the bones have become pliable and plastic in its nature; the soft muscles have become truly loosened; the blood has become condensed within; the semen has become confined in the chest as a single drop; the petals of brain have blossomed or expanded; amrita is welling up into springs all over the body and filling it up; luminous forehead perspires; luminous face brightens up; breath, full of peace becomes cool and refreshing; inner smile beams up; hair stands on its end; tears (of joy) flow down towards the legs; mouth vibrates into the passionate calling (of the Divine); ear-tubes ring with the sense of humming noise; body becomes cool; soft chest moves; hands join (as in prayer); legs revolve or spin round (Stzs. 725-732), mind melts sweetly; intelligence becomes full of light, the will equally becomes full of joy and harmony; the individuality has enlarged itself everywhere universally; the heart has blossomed into outward manifestation to be felt by the world without; the form of knowledge-body has become blissful; spiritual egoism of the senses too has melted away; the tatvas (of body, life and satva or the truth-principle uniquely prevails, (Stzs. 733-736); attachment to objects of the senses and things of the world has dissolved away; the illimitable aspiration for Grace grows and intensifies.” (Stzs. 737)


– From “THE MOTHER-U.N.O,-VALLALAR(Supramental Evolution Since 1874)” -Page A-1


From a close study of the Swami’s works, his last words and promises and the last eventful sacrifice of his deathless body by dematerialisation, we find an echo of corresponding correlations with the nature and mode of working of what the Mother calls the Superman Consciousness. So one is led to think that there might be a great possibility of the Swami’s direct connection with the Superman Consciousness or even that he might be the being and personality behind it. There is a host of following correspondences and correlations between the two as seen from several angles of view.


To begin with, we may have to point out at first that there seems to be a close connection or rather a possible identity and common features in regard to the three unidentified Beings who came into the Mother’s experience. (1) the first, whom the Mother refers to (in Bulletin, Aug. ’67, p. 69) as something or some being or a consciousness using her body trying to make something of it (2) the second Being who came into her at the time of Her public Darshan on 24-11-1967 by way of a vibration or intervention in her body and which or whom the Mother refers to as something making use of her body and as some one looking from a plane of eternity, as it where, with a great benevolence mixed in it with an absolute calmness and who was possibly someone existing permanently in a permanent form somewhere (in the, overmental or supramental world or elsewhere) – see Bulletin, Feb. ’68, p. 71-73, and (3) the third, the Being and personality behind the Superman Consciousness whom the Mother refers to as someone having the dimensions of a God, an immense personality with a personal divinity, a personality without form but very very human human – in divine proportions without weakness and shadows directly coming upon her body in a concrete and external way with gentle and smiling benevolence and compassion full of power and in a peaceful delight and golden light in order to transform her body or to help her in its transformation.


This last one, in spite of its apparent impersonal formless action, is called by the Mother as “He””” (“He wants that the thing should be the true thing. It (Mother’s body) knows the distance there is between the Consciousness of the being which uses it and itself” – see Aug. 5, 1970 Bulletin, Nov. 1970, p. 95). It appears that it is one and the same unidentified Being behind the three experiences of the Mother because benevolence and transforming power or its helpful action in transformation are the common features.


Only in the last case it has revealed itself more openly; perhaps it has not fully and completely revealed itself as yet. The following pages are devoted to make a finding as to how far this unidentified being and personality has anything to do with the Swami’s consciousness in the background of his last promises and writings and sacrifice of his deathless body by dematerialisation with a view to enter into all the material physical bodies and for the purpose of manifesting the divine light on the earth.


The Swami in his last days before going into seclusion observed, “I am in this body and I will enter into all the bodies”. Thus having attained a deathless physical body, he wanted to enter into all the material physical bodies universally. Further even while alive, he discouraged the disciples in worshipping him in his outer personal form of body, though he was not against the principle of worshipping the form of the Divine as such. Thus, it is evident that he wanted to have an impersonal influence over all the bodies and a power of infiltration into them which should have become possible for him in view of the dematerialisation of his deathless body in 1874 (a century before), imminently expecting the stable manifestation of the Divine at his place which is believed to have taken place for the said purpose particularly in the context and circumstance of the concrete Presence of the Divine on 30-1-1874 and possibly because of the later universal manifestation of the Light in our times in 1956 by the grace of the Mother.


– Courtesy: Arut Perum Jyothi & Deathless Body, Vol I