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The Mother’s Centenary(1878-1978) function organized at the Gujarathi Samajam by Sri Aurobindo Circle, Madurai, on 3-6-1978. Seen here are Sri Udar Pinto and Sri T.R.Thulasiram(seen giving the speech). Sri Udar Pinto, a senior disciple of Sri Aurobindo, conducted the symposium on ‘Savitri’ and Sri T.R.Thulasiram gave a talk on “The Supramental Light brought down by the Mother.’


Sri A.K.Mukerjee, Divisional Personal Manager, Southern Railways, Madurai inaugurated a pictorial exhibition on Auroville. Tamil edition of the ‘Ideal Child,’ a small book-let written by the Mother was distributed to the children of the Railway School. Another symposium on ‘Savitri’ was conducted by Prof. Joseph Paul and Dr. Krishna Menon, with Prof. T.P.Meenakshidundaram, Ph.D (Ex-Vice Chancellor, Madurai University) as the moderator. Other speakers were Prof. S.Ramakrishnan, Prof. Ambady M. Narayanan, Shri Sayimatha Siva Brindha Devi on the topics of ‘Talk on Sri Aurobindo, the poet’ and ‘ Shakthi-Sivam (The Two-in-one)’ respectively. Devotional songs were sung by Smt. Sita J.N.Iyer, Smt. Kamala Jagannathan and Smt. Radha Balagopalan. At the end, there was a veena recital by the students of Bala Sangeetha Vidyalayam and the distribution of prasad and picture-folder of the Mother.


Sri Aurobindo Circle, Madurai, was originally formed by Sri Voraji, Sri Asherji and Dr.Venkatasamy. After Shri Asherji and Voraji had left Madurai, it was handed over and led by Dr. Krishna Menon, Sri T.R.Jawaharlal and Sri Sankara Narayanan, until they all retired from their activities. However, their collective seed-efforts have seen the growth of a few independent Mother centers in Madurai, which are very active now.

3 Media & Press Release

Auro-Ma-Ramalingam.Org is thankful to Mr. L.Rama Subbu(Suresh), Chairman of Dinamalar group of Newspapers for his selfless spiritual service in publishing Vallalar’s messages and articles. It is our kind request to all other news papers to communicate the Divine message, realization and Supramental-spiritual Action of Sri Aurobindo, Mother, Swami Ramalingam (Vallalar), whose Supramental force and consciousness embraces all the aspects of earthly life and human race for an Integral evolutionary transformation.


4 Sri M.P.Pandit’s ( Secretary to the Divine Mother and Spokesman of Sri Aurobindo Ashram) and Sri T.R.Thulasiram’s Visit to Madurai in January 1987 was Jointly organized by Sri Aurobindo Circle, Madurai and Auro-Ma-Ramalingam Trust.




Dear Friend,

Last month I had been to Madurai. I left this on Jan. 15 along with Sri Tulasiram, a colleague of ours in the Ashram who has developed many interests of therapeutic value, – magnets, colour ribbons, etc. My programme had been organized by the local Sri Aurobindo Circle, of which Tulasiram’s family, Dr. Krishna Menon (a renowned orthopedist) and his colleagues are active members. The first programme was on the 16th evening at Pandian Hotel, sponsored by Sri Ram Foundation, Ramana Kendram and Sri Aurobindo Circle. Sri Ram Foundation is a prominent, upcoming focus of cultural and spiritual life at Madurai and I was happy to meet their secretary who has successfully harmonized his business interests and idealistic fervour. The talk was on Perfection of Life. It was well attended and the questions were stimulating. I met at this function Prof. Lakshminarayanan, author of ‘Sri Aurobindo and the Two Cultures’ which I had occasion to review for The Hindu. He is a delightful person, young, full of ideas and energy. I liked making his acquaintance.


Before that evening lecture, we all drove to Dindigul to visit the residence and factory of Sri Palaniwamy, father of the Hand-made Paper Industry in India. He has been a longstanding devotee of the Ashram and a close friend of ours over the years. He manufactures the needed machinery for the industry and functions as a kind of ambassador in this field to other countries. The Central Government calls upon him every now and then to organize this industry in the Third World Countries. We were impressed by the neatness and efficiency of the working in his factories and the dedication on the part of the staff most of whom are Mother-oriented, looking upon their work as worship of the Divine. We met his happy family members and relaxed at his tastefully got-up home.


The next day, Jan. 17, there was a talk on The World Crisis at the Madurai Kamaraj University, under the sponsorship of Prof. T. H. Haridassan, Head of the Dept. of Energy Environment and National Resources. The young professor was kind enough to acquaint us with the progress made by his newly started department in giving a practical shape to Ecology Consciousness in their area.


In the afternoon we paid a visit to Sri Aravind Eye Hospital started and run by Dr. Venkataswamy and his colleagues. It did not feel like a hospital. It was so clean, so well organized, with a staff that took pains to make the patients feel at home. The doctor was away at a conference in the North but we felt it worthwhile to pay a sincere homage to his spirit of service and worship of Divinity in suffering humanity. Later we visited the famous Sri Minakshi Temple and received Prasad. There were huge crowds returning from Guruvayoor and it was some time before we found ourselves in front of the sanctum.


The last programme of the day was a brief meditation at Sri Aurobindo Circle which is conducted at the residence of Dr. Menon.


I found the engagement on the 18th morning most rewarding. It was a gathering at Sri Ramakrishna Prarthana Alayam. There was a strong devotional atmosphere, with bhajans at the outset and arati at the conclusion. I spoke on Essentials of Sadhanaand I felt a deep kinship with the audience. My speech was ably condensed and translated into Tamil by a professor-friend.


In the evening there was a public function at Gujarathi Samajam where I was to speak on Growing in God and Sri Tulasiram to make a presentation of his researches into Colour Therapy, nutrition, spiritual inputs of saints for the benefit of mankind etc. It was a record crowd which overflowed the hall. Tulasiram soon established rapport with the assemble and explained to them in homely Tamil the course of his studies and well-tested conclusions. I spoke briefly giving a helpful background, as it were, for what Sri Tulasiram was to say.


During these three days I had more than one occasion to visit and share in the warm hospitality of Sri Tulasiram family. Of course we all missed the presence of Sri Ram (T.K.Rama), head of the family, who had to stay behind in Pondicherry for different reasons. It is a well-knit family, devoted to Mother and Sri Aurobindo, playing a prominent role in the cultural and educational life of Madurai. On the 19th, we drove first to Gandhigram where I was scheduled to give the key-note address to a Youth Camp on National Integration. We met there Dr. Radhakrishnan, the dynamic director of the Camp, Sri Devendrakumar, the Vice-Chancellor of the deemed University, and his wife. We had to rush back to the airport immediately afterwards and consequently had no time to acquaint ourself with the varied constructive activities of the Center in the field of rural development.


I arrived back home at the same evening.


On the 22nd evening I had to go to Madras to deliver the S.Duraiswami Iyer Memorial Lecture (1987) at Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan. My subject was: Master and Disciple. As you would guess I traced the relation between Sri Aurobindo and Duraiswami Iyer from 1908 onwards, beginning with the Swadesi agitation days. I touched on many aspects of their relation which are not sufficiently known.


On February 6 I reached Bangalore to inaugurate the National Seminar organized by the Sri Ramana Center for Learning. I had to deliver three lectures on the Message of Sri Ramana Maharshi. In addition I spoke to the teachers of Sri Aurobindo Memorial High School and on the 9th gave two talks at the Sri Aurobindo Bhavan now under the direction of Srimati Manorama Vira. Things there are fast developing and I was happy to see the progress made so far and the prospects ahead.


I returned here on the evening of 10th February and am currently occupied with clearing the arrears of work that have accumulated. The 21st is approaching and a large number of friends have started pouring in. we will come to that in the next letter.


Yours sincerely
M. P. Pandit

-Courtesy: Sat-Sang by Sri M.P.Pandit, Vol V, p207, published by Dipti Publications, Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Pondicherry.


Editor’s Note: Sri M.P.Pandit, Secretary to the Divine Mother and Chief Spokesman of Sri Aurobindo Ashram was the bridge between the Mother and T.R.Thulasiram. Sri Panditji was the channel through which the entire family of Thulasiram had received the Mother’s Love, grace and blessings.

5 Formal Consecration and Release of the ‘APJA Spiritual Magnets- Yoga of Magnet’ at the lotus feet of Swami Ramalingam at the ‘Siddhi Valagam Temple’ on 25-01-2008.


Consecration and formal release of the first set of Spiritual Magnets – Yoga of Magnet (Magnet Yoga) on 25.01.2008 at the Siddhi Valagam Temple Shrine. This is the most auspicious day for all the devotees of Swami Ramalingam as it is the ‘Siddhi Day”, where the Swami had dematerialized his Triple deathless luminous body(i.e. Suddha Deha, Gnana Deha and Pranava Deha) on 30-01-1874 in order to enter into all the bodies and establish his Grace-Light rule of the entire Universe. On this particular day, hundreds and thousands of Sanmarga followers all over the world assemble in the Siddhi Valagam Temple to have the dharshan of the room(through a window) where Swami Ramalingam had dematerialized his deathless Triple body. Doing meditation, by remembering Swami Ramalingam and chanting the ‘Arut Perum Jyothi’ mantra on this particular day will confer significant supramental-spiritual benefits and accelerate our spiritual evolution.