Vallalar’s Deathless Body Power (DBP)



Some Explanation on Vallalar’s Deathless Body By Sri T.R.Thulasiram, Sri Aurobindo Ashram

(This article was originally written by Sri Thulasiram in the form of a reply to certain spiritual clarifications sought by Swami Satchitanandha of Anandashram on the Dematerialization of Swami Ramalaingam’s Deathless Body (alias Vallalar) Vs. Other Spiritual Saints)


Swami Ramalingam
Swami Ramalingam
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(The close-up and magnified photo of the flame of the lit-up lamp, symbolic of the Supramental Vast Grace-Light or Arut Perum Jyothi, kept inside the room at the ‘Siddhi Valagam Shrine’ in Mettukuppam village, near Vadalur, where Swami Ramalingam had dematerialized his transformed triple deathless body. If this photo is touched with the cursor of your computer/laptop or with fingers or even by merely seeing it with your open eyes, one can concretely feel the powerful Supramental vibrations at the body level. Similarly, Vallalar’s above photo also radiates the high Supramental power).


“Jothi Jothi Jothi Swayam
Jothj Jothj Jothi Param
Jothi Jothi Jothi Arul
Jothi Jothi Jothi Sivam.”


O Light! O Light! O Self-existent Light!
O Light! O Light! O Light of the Truth-Heaven!
O Light ! O Light! O Light of Grace!
O Light! O Light! O Light of the Supreme Being!

-Swami Ramalingam (1-1-2, ‘Nama Valigal’ i.e. Songs in Glory
of the Lord and his Name or Lyrical Songs of the Swami)

“Grace-Light. Oh! I liked it very much…. that is what is working. You know; the work that is being done through this (the body)…it must be the Supramental force because it is lightly Golden, light rosy…I said all this to Sri Aurobindo, and he confirmed it absolutely. It is essentially the Grace in its state … (gesture pointing very high) supreme.”

-The Divine Mother’s first spontaneous reaction in her conversation with Satprem, commenting on the letter of Sri T.R.Thulasiram with Swami Ramalingam’s Jothi Agaval translation (from The Mother’s Agenda by Satprem Vol II 1970. The entire conversation is published in this website in the Mother’s section of the Supramental Incarnations menu. Further, it is interesting to know that Sri Aurobindo has confirmed it obsolutely).

Sri T.R.Thulasiram with the pictures of Swami Ramalingam and Grace-Light in his residence of Sri Aurobindo Ashram.


Swami Ramalingam’s Triple deathless body – Suddha Deha, Pranava Deha and Gnana Deha

(I) Swami Ramalingam or Vallalar (hereafter say ‘V’) did not drop his body but dematerialized it beforehand (unlike other saints who disappeared suddenly without their own knowledge about it). He did it with the intention of entering into all the physical bodies of men which I have proved by magnets. Please read Swami Gangadharan’s (of Sri Aurobindo Ashram) two hours vision of V’s dematerialization. See appendix no: VI in First Volume of “Arutperumjothi and Deathless Body”. By magnets I have proved that ‘V’ has entered into all the bodies especially in their environ with supramental power of 35B range. The Mother’s experience of “Superman Consciousness” in 1969 that a golden supramental light of physical form (at once spiritual and human as well) entered Her body directly from the outside atmosphere and not through Her mind or heart or soul (my brother’s recent letter talks about this experience also as his personal experience.) Further it is with respect to human physical form of “Superman Consciousness” that She says that it is as all the bodies implying that it touches and entered into all the bodies i.e., due to the luminous and conscious microatomic particles of his body on dematerialization as seen by Gangadharan.

The mother has seen earlier in 1906-07 in her vision a spiritual person with a radiant body (i.e., divine white transparent light radiating from out of the body, head to foot and all around). This vision I had in 1981. This is the new radiant body of her and my vision, after his dematerialization and entering into all bodies and self created. Other Mahans who came in our vision with spiritual light do not radiate from their bodies. They disappear after that spiritual light goes away. This makes a tremendous difference and V” could fix a highest spiritual – physical or grace-power even on the floor where he stood in my room in 1981. This power I call deathless body power” (DBP)He has a new and permanent individual radiant body (OLIR DEGAM).

(II) ‘CHIRANJEEVI’ is a term applied to Hanuman who shows a very high spiritual – physical power of about 29th 30th in the order of range much more than RAMA’s 8th POWER SHOWN BY MAGNETS. Chiranjeevi means a body with a very high transformation but less than V’s 36th power of supramentalised deathless body. But all these differences disappeared for practical purposes as ‘V’ since 1997-98 or around 2000, has brought a general equal deathless body power to all great Mahans, Avathars, Rama, Hanuman etc., in their bodies and their pictures, including Sri Sathya Sai Baba, Swami Ramdas and Mother Krishnabai, Sri Aurobindo and The Mother especially in their last photo pictures only (but their interned Samadhi and old pictures show their own old spiritual -physical power even today.).

But V’s own radiant deathless body shows the same equal power with these Mahans who have come under His Grace rule. But if V’s eyes alone are seen, it shows a greater power than the general equalizing deathless body power of Mahans, Avathars, etc. (or if seen comparatively in their eyes). But I have not written in my book about special eye power of Vallalar in order to maintain the equality of grace-power of his grace-rule which itself is a new phenomenon yet to be accepted by the world.


“Deathless Body” used frequently in the book is with reference to a combined term of deathless body power (DBP) to mean highest Grace-power which he brings to exceptional men in their outer body (Scientists, Musicians, Artists even some political leaders or administrators mostly to evolve them to spiritual life. But ‘V’ has brought deathless body power in Mahans to help them realize Supramental Heaven (Gnana Peruveli) so as to realize “Arutperumjothi” in their body too in order to realize deathless body ultimately for themselves. Deathless body power DBP as such does not mean that these Mahans have realized deathless body for themselves. DBP power, which ‘V’ brings to them, helps to realize deathless body after Supramental realization and Arutperumjothi in their body too. This DBP is determined with reference to V’s picture of His radiant deathless Body. In fact this DBP ‘V’ brings since after 2000 even in institutions like UNO, OLYMPICS, Scientific Institutions, like IT Parks (in Madras, Bangalore, Andhra), in “Science City” in Kolkatta and Madras besides bringing it to great scientists. He has upgraded the power of UNO and international bodies to DBP since 2000, as I have been observing the progressive change of this power.


Deathless body means practically a luminous and radiant body, sleepless, ever blissful, vibrant, ever wakeful with divine energies, because all the seven kinds of cells of the body and chakras including sex organs have undergone a divine change (Complete supramental transformation of mind, heart, senses and body i.e., transformation into triple deathless body – Suddha Deha (physical), Pranava Deha (subtle body) and Gnana Deha (causal body). I referred this transformation of His body as informed to the Mother in my book. She says it is supramental transformation. Triple deathless body goes together and each is equal in spiritual – physical power. It is after all the highest divine grace-power attainable in the world. ‘V’ is one at the body level too, with Satchidanandha of the summit supermind and so His play of grace-rule as sanctioned by the Divine is both at individual level and the universal level.


T.R. Thulasiram


Internal evidences from the Swami’s writings and Arutpa poems amply prove, support and corroborate our findings about his deathless body and its dematerialization etc.,

(1) The Swami had the divine call and sanction for the deathlessness of his body. The Divine gave him advance intimation that the Swami himself was verily the earth and its cause and effect (Tarani Nee Kaaranamum Kaaryamum Tarani Nee Aaga) and that the Divine was coming to the earth to see him, embrace him, play and unite with him who was verily the embodiment of earth-nature and thereby give him the deathless body(implying it for a collective world purpose) – see poem Enna Punyam.


(2) In the later part of his life, the Swami says that from his heart the Supramental Light of Grace or Grace-Light spreads and pervades the whole world – see JotiAgaval, Stz. 168.


(3) Because of one person the Infinite multitudes of people will gain the good. And all of you (disciples) too will get the benefit – see letter to disciples dated 26-10- 1870.


(4) The one Divine is on the move to manifest Himself for the benefit of the entire mankind so as to enable them receive the great gains of Sanmarga (i.e. Samarasa Suddha Satya Sanmarga Sangha of the Swami) – see Letter dated 25-11-1872


(5) This is the opportune time for the multitudes of people of the world to unite and live in collective harmony. See poem “Irai inba Kullalvu” – Stz. 2.


(6) May the mad orgy of religions and sectarian philosophies come to an end forever. May the people of the world become well united and realize the unity of the world. Let them live in collective harmony. By the manifestation of Cit-Shakti of Grace on the good earth, may the people realize here the Golden Truth-Knowledge and the Supreme Truth-Consciousness (Por Sabha and Cit Sabha). May the government of people ruling without compassion perish and get liquidated quickly. May men of the good path of love, good will and grace come to rule. May all live in collective harmony seeking the good (by thought, word and action) – see poem “Unity of the World”. Stzs. 1 to 5.


(7) May the Divine Being of Vast Grace-Light get up from the apparent slumber … and manifest openly – see Stzs. 6,7,9,10. of the poem ” Palli Elluchchl”.

(8) The Vast Grace-Light has entered my heart, bringing the vision of the manifestation of the Divine Being of Grace-Light on the earth. In its wake, worldly people are seen to shed away their impurities and become godly men. The divine rule and government of Grace prevails on the earth – See the poem: Ulagap Peru, A vision of the boon of the world.


(9) By and through me the Vast Grace-Light would progressively manifest with its divine Riches for the joy and evolution of the whole world – see poem hal Vara Iyambal: Coming of the God to the earth. Stz.5


(10) “The Divine has made me one with Himself and His Grace-Shakti and Her Form and Body. The Divine has given me a deathless body and nature and power which neither the gods nor the triple godheads nor liberated souls nor siddhars of dynamic perfection nor any one else had before“. “The Divine has trained me into the deathlessness of body by all the methods, and has given me SAT, the One Substance of Truth, (Ekagra Porul)”. The Swami’s deathless body did not cast any shadow on the ground. His shadowless body was seen by many in his times. The Swami himself says in a song, “I got the deathless body so as to be seen by all happily”. – see Jothi Agaval – stzs. 573, 791, 533, 725-735; Pandu Aadal – stz. 3. The Swami thus had become the first Avatar of Deathless Body. The Mother in her youth had the vision of a luminous and beautiful divine body-form of a human being in the highest Heaven and also in the Inconscient depths, whom she regarded in her later years as the Permanent Avatar from whom the avatars of the future would take birth. In the year 1981, when my book “Arut Perum Jothi and Deathless Body” was published, I had in a night hour of darkness before dawn my own vision and experience of the Swami’s visit in his wholly radiant body and with his luminous and smiling face and winking eyes of compassion and standing In full body-form radiating dynamically with vibrant and transparent white Grace-Light all around his clothed body, and from above his head and down below the soles of his feet which were seen some what above the ground but the light touching the floor. The vibrant and transparent Grace-Light of his body moved him from place to place. Earlier He sat near my feet on the right side of my sleeping cot for sometime. The Mother too came in her luminous body next day and gave me the Mantra of Grace-Light, by holding my right hand. My heart vibrated with the Mantra.


(11) “O Lord! Thou hast settled in my heart of soul. I remain happily on Thy right side, and in Thy Rule… I have received the Gift of a deathless body which Thou hast verily given me alone to live deathless for aeonic ages-see poem Siva Punyap Peru, – Stz. 3; Jotiyut Jot! Stz. 7.

(12) I have received from the Divine here on the earth a triple deathless body – Suddha Deha, Pranava Deha and Gnana Deha – only to give to one and all everywhere by my play of self-giving. see Suddha Siva Nilai Poem – Stz. 17.


The Swami said in many songs that he surrendered his body and substance and soul to the Divine and in return the Divine replaced them by His Body, His Substance and His SoulOnly after attaining the deathless body, the Swami declared his complete oneness and identity with the DivineEven then he did not openly declare himself an avatar, but says in a song that he has been sent by the Divine to the earth in this yuga to purify and transform by his Sanmarga Sangha or Path of Light even the most crooked people of a deceitful nature. He always held that the Divine was coming to the earth by His own will to rule directly the earthly life and transform it and that He would Manifest through the Swami the Divine Grace-Light for the progressive evolution of the earthly life into the divine Richness – See Wutrathu Wuraiththal – stz 9; Irai Vara lyambal – Stz. 5. In spite of his undeclared avatarhood, he advised his disciples to treat him as a friend, as one among themselves and thus kept his humaneness. In the forefront, which the Mother felt in her S.C. experiences too.


(13) O Divine Light! I am crowned with Thy Crown of Light over my head, which trained my body to attain its deathless state. – see stz. 98 of Mel Arul Vyappu. Therefore the Swami had a very quick transformation of nature and body. In attaining the luminous, blissful, sleepless and deathless body before he reached the fiftieth year of his life. It is interesting to note that Sri Aurobindo in his article “Perfection of the body” envisaged the possibility of a sudden Illumination of the divine Light on one’s head for a quick andcomplete transformation of one’s mind, life and body. Evidently he was inspired from behind by the Swami with this Idea or material, in order to change the former’s previous notion that it would take 300 years to complete body- transformation because, he was then relying only on descent of Supramental- Light from time to time for such a change.


(14) Supreme Truth has given me Grace-Light, Grace-Amrita, and Grace- Wisdom of life. It has given me the state of Grace and Grace- Body(i.e., deathless and luminous Body by Grace) and directed me to rule by the sovereign Power of Grace. See JothiAgaval – stzs. 508-9, 784-9. The Swami affirmed that he can perform by power of his deathless and luminous body the five-fold universal funct1ons_creatjon, maintenance repair and renewal, involution and evolution-and do all divine miracles on earth and heaven. See Pandu Aadal – stz. 10.


(15) “The Divine Comes this day and takes His Seat at my place to settle and stay, and within an hour of His coming He would unite with my enlarged or vast body (Per Wudainbu, vast physical body), remaining at the same time inseparable from the soul of my heart. What would happen after that hour will become known to you, my friend. – see Swami’s last song before his dematerialization. The Swami spoke to his disciples his last words in Jan. 1874 “I am in this body. Henceforth, I would enter into all the bodies”. He elaborated it to another set of disciples saying that he would not be seen openly in his body for some time until the Divine Being of Grace-Light manifests on the earth. He would again come back in his deathless body~form after the divine manifestation. These words of the Swami imply and support a sequence of events.

(a) The manifestation of the Divine Being at his place as stated and affirmed by the Swami’s public statement on 30.01.1874.

(b) His seclusion in a closed room.

(C) The demateriallsation of his transformed body and becoming invisible to others for some time, for an hour or so, and

(d) Then again reappearing which evidently means in the context, a reappearance by way of entering into all the bodies by the divine substances of his dematerialized body, and also by enveloping them each by its power.

(e) His existence in all the worlds and also in the divine physical of the earth, but in his newly created (or re-formed) living body i.e., his spiritual-physical new body or rather the supramental physical body with Grace – Light radiating in and out of it and moving it gracefully from place to place (as seen by the author in his vision of 1981).


16) After attaining a luminous, sleepless, shadowless, and blissful deathless body, and being assured of the coming of the Divine to the earth to manifest His plays of Grace openly, Swami Ramalingam preached openly the practice of compassion and seeking of deathlessness of body and identity with SAT substance of the Divine as the goal of human life in his sanmarga movement. The Swami promised that when the Divine manifested on the earth, he himself would give deathless state of body to those who are already prepared, and conditions or states of purity to the unprepared. As a practical step to achieve this high goal, the Swami gave to the people and disciples, in Oct. 1873 by divine will and sanction, the Mantra which he had received then from the Divine. “VAST GRACE-LIGHT, VAST GRACE-LIGHT, SUPREME COMPASSION, VAST GRACE-LIGHT” (ARUT PERUN JOTHI, ARUT PERUN JOTHI, THANIP PERUNG KARUNAI, ARUT PERUN JOTHI.) The chant of this Mantra brings its direct impact even on one’s whole body, setting it into vibrations with radiation of Grace- Power. This is a proof of its efficacy. The proof of the pudding is in its eating. So chant and get the benefit. It brings the contact also of the Supramental divine Shakti of Grace or of the Swami himself. The indispensability of such a specific and special mantra for one’s body transformation may be comparatively understood in the background of the Mother of our Ashram resorting to the continuous chant, though lately in her last year of life, the Mantra of a general nature, “OM NAMO BHAGAVATE” for the purpose of her body- transformation. But In 1981, the Mother came into my vision and gave me the Mantra of Arut Perun Jothi, by holding my right hand.


– Courtesy: ‘The Mother-U.N.O.-Vallalar by Sri T.R.Thulasiram.