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(Please enter this web site like how you will enter a Temple or Holy shrine, where the various forms, names, manifestations, consciousness and deities of the One Supreme Divine are devotionally Loved, Respected and Prayed)

Why this Website is Launched ?

Our basic objective or purpose in developing and launching this website is to bring to light and disseminate the work and unique scientific-spiritual discoveries of Sri T.R.Thulasiram, the founder of Auro-Ma-Ramalingam Trust, on a more elaborate scale and with an International reach.


Some of the seminal discoveries of Sri Thulasiram like the ‘Spiritual Holy Magnets’; U.N.O.Power, DBP(Deathless Body Power) and EBP(Environmental Body Power) Power of Swami Ramalingam; Universal Grace-rule of Swami Ramalingam, in collaboration with Sri Aurobindo and Mother are not only interesting topics to the spiritual students but also to the General public, Governments, Politicians and businessmen alike because of its’ evolutionary impact on the earth and mankind in solving the on-going crisis and day-to-day problems of the mankind like political changes, religious terrorism, economic globalization, scientific inventions and technological developments, World Union, World Government etc. Sri T.R.Thulasiram’s two major research works, ‘The Mother-U.N.O-Vallalar’ and ‘Grace-Rule of Vallalar with his Triple Deathless Body’ contain the said unique spiritual discoveries.

What was the need for Sri T.R.Thulasiram to do this synthesizing work between Sri Aurobindo’s Integral Yoga and Swami Ramalingam’s Suddha Sanmarga?

The vast Supramental-Spiritual literature of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother is the bedrock of the Supramental knowledge and Integral aspect of the Divinity. All the spiritual aspirants, irrespective of their faith, following or Gurus, can arrive at the complete Integral knowledge of the Divinity or spirituality, including the various gradations of manifestations, only by learning and understanding the Integral Yoga teachings of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother. Because it is all-encompassing and all-embracing, it includes almost everything that comes under the umbrella of spirituality. As they are the Universal Supramental Avatars, with the mission of Universal manifestation of the Supramental Light upon the earth consciousness, their writings contain definitive spiritual force in guiding all the seekers of Light.

If Sri Aurobindo’s Integral Yoga offers as the bedrock of Supramental knowledge with its comprehensive detail, Swami Ramalingam’s Suddha Sanamarga (particularly his last writings called as Sixth Thirumurai, a poetic collection in the original Tamil), gives rare insights and practical knowledge on the evolutionary physical transformation process of mind, life and body, leading to its immortality or deathless body, which is one of the main Siddhis of the Supramental Yoga.

The fact that Swami Ramalingam, the first and foremost Supramental Avatar, has achieved the complete Supramental transformation of his physical body into the triple deathless bodies of Suddha deha, Jnana deha and Pranava deha for the purpose of collective transformation of the mankind and earth is the proof of the pudding. None before him had attained this kind of Universal Supramental Physical body (Cosmic or Prapanja Supramental Body) as he had shown in that rare vision to Sri Gangadharan of Sri Aurobindo Ashram. Swami Ramalingam had derived many of his core teachings on transformation and deathless body transformation from the works of Saint Thirumoolar’s Thirumandiram, the Tamil Science of Supramental Veda. Saint Thirumoolar was the known pioneer of the Supramental Science of Deathless body Transformation and he was the one who himself had attained a unique Supramental deathless body.

Sri T.R.Thulasriam’ s first and foremost seminal work of ‘Arut Perum Jyothi & Deathless Body(Volume I&II)’ synthesizes these three great oceans of the supramental knowledge i.e., Thiurmandiram of the 6th century; Suddha Sanmargam of the 18th century; and the Integral Yoga of the 19th century. His work bridges the past and the present and continue to remain as the “Practical Guidebook on the Supramental Transformation & deathless body” to all the aspirants and followers of the Integral Yoga as well as Suddha Sanmarga.

This Website is dedicated to all the Divine Avatars, Incarnations, Saints and Sages in the sacred land of India as well as in other spiritual places all over the world, in all Religions and Spiritual traditions, who are selflessly working for the evolutionary benefit of mankind in the form of various degrees of divine manifestations, consciousness and powers.

If the multiplicity of One Divinity is an unfathomable reality, then the diversity and variety of their missions and manifestations are not only mind-boggling but beyond of the grasp of our human minds. There are innumerable Avatars, Saints, Sages in India and all over the world-both at present and in the past- and in all the religions and spiritual traditions, who are doing the selfless service for the benefit of earthly evolution and welfare of mankind, often without expecting any reward or recognition of any kind from the generally ungrateful human beings. Therefore, this website is humbly dedicated to all of them.

Also, any reader of this site, with some inner spiritual opening, can feel the divine vibrations our Divine Masters at several places in this site ( the reason why I’ve mentioned ‘click, enlarge and experience,’ under several important pictures, where one could feel the divine vibrations merely by seeing or touching the photos with the finger or browser )

When the Purpose of this Website can be said to have been Served or Fulfilled?

The purpose of launching this website is to disseminate the supramental-spiritual experiences and discoveries of Sri Gangadharan and Sri T.R.Thulasiram, in the light of their sadhana in the Integral Yoga of Sri Aurobindo and Suddha Sanmargam of Swami Ramalingam. In other words, this site is devoted in the divine service of Sri Aurobindo, Mother, Swami Ramalingam and Saint Thirumoolar. The purpose can be said to have been served or fulfilled if any spiritual aspirant or sadhaka gives a testimony that the spiritual experiences, tips and hints on Sadhana etc., compiled and presented in this site are found beneficial or useful to them in furthering their spiritual growth and progress. But for the new aspirants or new age spiritual students, it should serve as a preliminary guide in understanding the theory of Supermind and to take up the practice of the Supramental Yoga of Evolutionary transformation.

Need for the Spiritual Secularism – Sri M.P.Pandit’s View & Our Standards.

To be of service to the divine Masters, does not mean, we should respect one only at the cost of disrespecting the other or to disseminate one teaching only by violently or virulently attacking the other teaching or its Masters. It reminds us what Sri M.P.Panditji, our beloved mentor and a bridge between the Divine Mother and us in many ways, had expressed in his service letter dated 13-4-86 (courtesy: Sat-sang, vol V, P.106), wherein he says, ” Speaking of Sri J.Krishnamurthi, I am reminded of another person, his namesake, U.G.Krishnamurthi. Someone put in my hands, at a meeting in Bangalore recently, a book on the life and message of this person. I read in the blurb of the book of the great realization that had come upon him unasked as a result of which he is recognized as a teacher and guide by many. I could not go beyond some pages of the book as I was unhappy with his attacks on every spiritual personality, including Ramana Maharishi, Swami Sivananda, J.Krishnamurthi and that too in a language that is not very edifying. That leads me to ask publicly what I have always deplored privately, why do spiritual leaders have to be so critical of each other? Why do they pass deprecatory remarks about other teachers and influence their following? I remember I was once asked at a meeting in Seattle (U.S.A.) at an island retreat about the relations between different ashrams in India. I kept silent for a moment – and then replied that unfortunately the mutual relations among ashrams were not very happy. Later I learnt that the host who had asked that question had lived in India for a while and had noted the lack of good will bordering on hostility among these centers. And he was gratified that I had been frank and truthful. I have had the good fortune to visit quite a number of ashrams both in India and abroad.Indeed, there were courtesies everywhere- almost everywhere, for there were instances of lack ofordinary civilities in some places – but one could feel the air of reservations, suspicion. There is a tendency to feel threatened. Each feels it has the best to offer, the sole truth. This spirit leads to a kind of elitism, which is the enemy of true spirituality……. I can only say that each disciple who feels and acts ‘superior,’ betrays Sri Aurobindo who was an universal man to the core and whose humility was held up as an example to the world by the Mother who herself was an embodiment of spontaneous Love.”


The above candid and poignant questions asked by Sri M.P.Panditji apply to the whole spiritual world and all the so-called spiritual aspirants, sadhaks, yogis, devotees, disciples etc of all Ashrams and spiritual Institutions in the world. This website adopts this highest principle and standard of “Spiritual Secularism, ” as enunciated by Sri Panditji in respecting the “Spiritual Diversity of the One Divinity,” without hurting or criticizing the other spiritual faiths, paths, philosophies, Gurus and experiences. If there is any divergence or differences (incl. Healthy difference of opinions) from our faith, experience or path, it should be recognized and respected, without any animosity or ill feelings. None other than Sri M.P.Panditji could be so candid in his observations, opinions, self-evaluation and criticism as the way for further unfolding, evolution and perfection- the mantra of Sri Aurobindo Ashram.

Sri Aurobindo Ashram & Auroville – The Supramental Laboratories & A Practical Spiritual Model for other Ashrams and Spiritual Institutions- This Unique and seamless blend of the Ancient Indian wisdom with the Pragmatic Western Model of a Successful collective Spiritual Institution merits a Harvard Case Study – for its organizational structure, collective behavior, Conflict management, holistic division of work and contribution to the global society, to name a few.


In fact, as a spiritual organization, Sri Aurobindo Ashram has always been a rarity – an exception from the crowd. There you can find a seamless and happy blend of the ancient spiritual wisdom of India with the pragmatic model of a successful western Institition.The architect of the Ashram, The Mother, brought such a practical synthesis of the Indian and Western values in building her Institution successfully.It is very much a collective spiritual society as against a single-entity-dominated scenario. This innovative organizational structure and viable model in the field of spirit merits for a Harvard case study, particularly in the areas of collective organizational behavior and contribution to the society.


In several other Ashrams, the dissipation of the spiritual energy often follows with the departure of their founders. Whereas here the dynamic living presence of the Masters are not only dynamically guiding the seekers of Light but also new manifestation of the Supramental consciousness are happening silently and almost continuously.

There is always great resistance to the New Revelations and Discoveries.

Sri T.R.Thulsiram’s works, publications and efforts have been mostly in the direction of disseminating the practical spiritual side of Suddha Sanmargam in a scientifically and spiritually appealing manner, by synthesizing with the Integral Yoga of Sri Aurobindo and The Mother. It is precisely for this work and mission that this website is dedicated and devoted to, otherwise it will be another website in the crowd, with no unique identity or contribution of its own. During his days, there were instances where Sri Thulasiram was advised not to compare Sri Aurobindo with Swami Ramalingam and vice-versa. Also there were kind requests made to him not reveal his research findings on the gradations of consciousness of various divine powers, gods and gurus. But he honestly believed that if there is a new revelation of truth or experience then it has to be expressed or communicated otherwise no new truths or discoveries could happen in the spiritual world. He had that passion for his work until his last breath. Certainly it is a difficult task because we are talking of the Integral divinity. We are aiming to go against the common trend of superlatively promoting one spiritual path by ignoring or attacking the other spiritual paths.

Sri Thulasiram’s Discovery of the’ Spiritual Magnets,’ U.N.O.Power, and ‘EBP (Environmental Body Power)’ have the potential and throws open to the possibilities of serving as an impartial scientific-spiritual device or tool to guide the Western Governments and World Bodies in having the right policy decisions to solve the problems like Religious Terrorism, democratization of UNO etc; and to the National and Regional Governments in solving the Ram Janma Bhoomi and Ramar Sethu problems etc.- However further Scientific Research and validation under strict laboratory conditions are required.


As a Scientific-Spiritual Research center on the Supramental Evolution & Deathless Body, with a Universal view and outlook, Auro-Ma-Ramalingam.Org and Aumra-trust.Org are devoted to the task of bridging the Science with Spirituality. T.R.Thulasiram’s scientific-spiritual discovery of the ‘Spiritual or Holy Magnets” and its application in determining the ‘EBP (Environmental Body Power)” has the potential to help in shaping the right policy decisions of the Western Goverments and world bodies in solving the International problems including International terrorism.


As it is an impartial device to capture, measure and grade the various levels of divine consciousness, religious gods etc., the ‘Spiritual Magnets’ has the potential to solve some of the national politico-religious problems and religious-based conflicts in India like Ram Janma Bhoomi, Ramar Sethu etc. However, to make it scientifically validated and acceptable, further scientific research on ‘Spiritual Magnets’ are to be made. In this regard, Auro-Ma-Ramalingam Trust and Aumra Trust would like to invite the co-operation and participation of the advanced scientific research laboratories in U.S.A., Europe, India and Japan.