(A Supramental Masterpiece, a Gem of Poetry with the effect of Mantra,directly revealed by the Supreme Divine to transform our body, mind and nature. The original version of the poem is in Tamil Language, the most ancient language in the world, called as ‘Pitru Bahasha'(or the origin of all Languages) by Swami Ramalingam)


(A close-up photograph of the lit-up lamp inside the Siddhi Valagam room, where Swami Ramalingam had dematerialized his deathless physical body; if you see this picture for a few minutes or touch it with the cursor of your computer, you may feel the highest divine vibrations at your gross physical body level)


Here Sri T.R.Thulasiram of Sri Aurobindo Ashram, the humble and chosen divine instrument of Swami Ramalingam, Sri Aurobindo and The Divine Mother, brings the essential truth and meaning of the ‘Jyothi Agaval’ poem and ‘Arut Perum Jyothi Mantra’ out of his direct perception of the truth. When Sri T.R.Thulasiram referred the Tamil mantra of ‘Arul Jyothi’ to the Divine Mother, she spontaneously expressed her experience by saying that it must be the Supramental Light. She also said that Sri Aurobindo has confirmed her experience absolutely and one drop of Grace-Light will dissolve all the hostile forces.

Sri T.R.Thulasiram- The Humble and chosen Divine Instrument of Swami Ramalingam, Sri Aurobindo and The Divine Mother to bring to light the mystery and purpose of Swami Ramalingam’s Dematerialization of his deathless body and the collaborative Supramental mission between Swami Ramalingam, Sri Aurobindo and The Mother,for the Universal manifestation of Vast Grace-Light and itsGrace-Light rule for the collective spiritual evolution of the Earth and mankind.

We give below Swami Ramalingam’s Tamil Mantra and its English transliteration and translation. By divine will he received the mantra from the Divine and gave it collectively to the disciples and devotees on 22-10-1873.

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Picture of the Arut Perum Jyothi Mantra written by Swami Ramalingam in his own hand writing.

(touch with your fingers or place the cursor of computer on this mantra and you will feel the Grace-Light vibrations at your gross physical body level)

Arut Perum Jyothi… Arut Perum Jyothi,
Thanip Perum Karunai… Arut Perum Jyothi.

(Original Version in Tamil Language-the ancient Divine language called as ‘Pitru Bahasha’ by the Swami)

Vast Grace-Light, Vast Grace-Light
Supreme Compassion, Vast Grace-Light

(transliterated and translated Version in English)

NOTE : The opening stanza of this divinely inspired poem has been cast in the nature and style, rhyme and rhythm of a mantra. It is the Mantra of the name of the supreme and universal Divine as the divine Light of Truth-Consciousness and Grace. The correct way of chanting this mantra can be heard in the ‘Audi& Video’ section of this site.

Swami Ramalingam went into secluded silence for about 6 months in the later part of 1870 in a cottage house called “Siddhi Valaga Maligai” (Home of Integral Perfection) at Mettukuppam in Vadalur, near Pondicherry. In the fullness of established Supramental Consciousness and the resulting transformation of nature and body he composed in April 1872 this rare piece of poetry “Joti Agaval” describing Supermind, its infinitely Vast Grace-Light, its self-determinations in the universal manifestation, the poise or planes of Supermind, involution and evolution, various planes of ascent and transition to Supermind, the knowledge and science of deathlessness of body and transformatory changes in his physical body, in all its cells, giving him its deathless state, his mission on the earth etc.

Swami Ramalingam ascribes every self-determination of the Divine to Arut Perum Jyoti, the Vast Grace-Light. Thus, it is seen that in this poem, Vast Grace-Light is generalized to indicate the supreme and whole Nature of the Divine. The supreme and universal Divine has become the Light, the Vast Grace-Light that is integral containing all the truths of manifestation and is also at once Grace and Light and Vastness of Truth-consciousness signifying the infinite and eternal and the universal. Arut Perum Jyoti is said to have become by its pre-planned self-determination the All and everything-every being, god, goddess, force, energy, result, name, form, quality, letter, word, sound, world, plane, element, atom, material object, relationship, nature, mind, heart, life, sense, body, knowledge, Love, Power, Light, Bliss, the manifest Satchitananda, Grace etc., in an integral harmony. Rightly he also speaks about Grace in the same vein. The Vast Grace-Light is the Vastness of Sat, Light of Cit and Grace of Ananda. It is the integrally manifest Satcitananda in the unity of the supreme Satcitananda. Grace is said to be everything in the Manifestation, the light of soul, mind, life, quality, knowledge, nature, form and mould and deathless body, the will and action, Light, Substance and Bliss and that by Grace everything could be realized. He also addresses and invokes the supreme Divine in consecutive stanzas not only as Arut Perum Joti, the Vast Grace-Light but also as the Supreme Truth, Supreme Nature, Supreme Substance, Supreme Heaven (Tani Param), Supreme Goal (Padam), Sivam, Preceptor (Guru), Mother, Father, Companion, Friendship, Love, Supreme Sat, Supreme Cit, Supreme Ananda, Amrita, Gem, Mantra, Ambrosia or positive medicine of Health and Prosperity, Gold, Treasure of divine riches, Mountain of Light, Food, Taste, Music, Lamp, Flame of Light, Rain, Fire, Golden Mountain, Milk, Fruit, Honey, Flower, Song, etc.

An attempt is made herein to present the important aspects of this gem of poetry which has the effect of mantra.

The highlight of the poem is the spontaneous and integral transformation of the Swami’s physical body effected simultaneously in all its cells by the power of the Grace-Light. This is an unparalleled case of transformation of nature and the body, attained by divine Sanction and Will. Its culmination into the attainment of a golden deathless sleepless physical body full of blissful energies is marked in a later poem “Suddha Siva Nilai“. That the supreme and universal Divine granted him a deathless physical body, not for his own sake, but for evolution, is brought out in the Swami’s poems (Suddha Siva Nilai, Pandu Adal, Enna punyam) and in his last speech (cf : “I am in this body. I shall enter into all the physical bodies”).

In a speech given by the Swami in October 1873 at the time of flag hoisting in the premises called “Siddhi Valaga Maligai” at Mettukuppam village (near Vadalur), where he resided from 1870 to 1874 for the last part of his life, he openly announced that the God of Vast Grace-Light was to manifest on the earth directly and that the veils of lower ignorance would be removed for all when He comes. Further he declared the above quoted mantra as God-given and that the Divine has given it as an open and direct expression of the nature of His Truth which is to become manifest at first. “It is the will of the Divine that, because compassion is the fundamental means of sadhana, He has openly adopted or chosen this mantra as the first means of sadhana and as the open expression of its truth. Compassion, Kindness and Grace mean the same thing. Knowledge which bears the supreme Compassion is verily the integral Bliss of the Divine. It is the Supreme Knowledge itself that possesses this infinite and incompatible Compassion. “It is compassion and seeing everything as the Divine constitutes the high and true path of discipline for realization”.

It is very evident that the Divine prepared the ground for the receptivity of the infinitely Vast Grace-Light on the earth through the Swami and a seed of aspiration for the Truth-Light was sown in the hearts of the disciples and devotees through the vibration of this mantra which he gave them collectively on “Vijaya Dasami” day in 1873 and which was in keeping with the will and process of the Time-Spirit. The poet, saint and sage Ramalingam, being established in the Supramental Truth-Consciousness, promised in the last part of his life the coming of the Vast Grace-Light, nay, of the God of Vast Grace-Light, the supreme Divine, who shall establish the direct reign of Light on the earth. He also promised the coming of a new age and a new race of people who will be free from disease and death by the power of the Grace-Light. There are also evidence in Swami’s writings and speeches that he not merely promised the advent of the Divine Light but actually aspired and worked for it with a vision of collective fulfillment, and eventually made the supreme sacrifice of his deathless body by its dematerialisation for the purpose of the universal manifestation of the Light on the earth and for the purpose of entering into all the physical bodies universally.

He made the sacrifice at a time when the God of Vast Grace-Light was concretely present at his place which is a representative place of the earth. It was on 30-1-1874 and thus the dematerialisation of his deathless body was done in His Presence and evidently meant to fix the substances and powers of his deathless physical body into the earth-nature, so that man may get the power of transformation of body also, one day or other, and that even the dead may get the power of resurrection especially in the background of manifestation of the divine Light. His supreme sacrifice will be ever remembered in the annals of spiritual history, not only as a homage to him, but more for the purpose of transformation of our own nature and body.

Closely following the Swami in time and place, Sri Aurobindo and the Mother have come upon the scene of earthly life to fulfill their divine mission in a close collaboration and we find it to be a continuation of the divine mission which Swami Ramalingam envisaged, worked and sacrificed for, and that their place of Tapas and fulfillment is also in the same area where the Swami lived. The universal manifestation of the divine Light on the earth, i.e., in its subtle-physical level has taken the divine Light in 1956 by the collective Tapas of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother and due to the earlier sacrifice of Swami Ramalingam. A more open manifestation of the divine Light on the physical level of the earth, as envisaged by the Swami at the time of his sacrifice, is still awaited.


-Courtesy : Arut Perum Jyothi & Deathless Body