What Yoga Technigues



APJA Yoga (Abbreviated form of Arut Perum Jyothi Andavar or Vast Grace-Light of Truth Consciousness), is a set of spiritual yoga techniques developed by Sri T.R.Thulasiram of Sri Aurobindo Ashram, based on his experiences in the realm of the highest divine Integral Grace power (a Spiritual to Physical divine power) as well as that of Sri Gangadharan, the senior disciple of Sri Aurobindo and other few unnamed sadhaks of the Supramental yoga. The basic objective of APJA Yoga is to manifest the Integral Grace-power in our physical body(at all levels including tissues and cells), mind (and vital), life and environment in order to accelerate the spiritual evolution, leading towards the ultimate goal of transforming our physical body in to the Supramental golden deathless body – the crowning achievement or end-goal of the human evolution, from the current stage of mental to the final Supramental consciousness. In General, bringing the divine consciousness at the physical body level is very difficult even for the advanced sadhaks and yogis as our body is made up of inert and unconscious forces (from the Inconscient matter), which are a great hindrance to our sustained spiritual evolution and also open to adverse attacks from the hostile forces.The powerful techniques of APJA Yoga tries to address this impediment by bringing the highest Grace-powers directly into the ignorant body level through the simple technique like APJA Yoga of Food. In effect, it accelerates the spiritual evolution as well as opening up the physical body consciousness to the active working of Supramental force and energies.


Evolution, if permitted by Nature in it’s own trajectory or normal course of action, may take an innumerable and countless number of years to achieve this. But fortunately, we have with us, the Supramental Avataric Consciousness of Sri Aurobindo, The Mother, Swami Ramalingam (Vallalar) and Thirumoolar, readily available to all of us to do this evolutionary upliftment or acceleration – provided we are ready to open to their Divine consciousness and non-negotiable spiritual conditions of Light Viz complete faith and sincerity; total surrender and consecration of our body, mind and life;spiritual attitude and openness; free from institutional and mental prejudices;holistic vegetarianism etc. Of course, deathless transformation or body can’t be achieved in a single life-time as Evolution, by default, is process-oriented and not miracle-oriented. Also one can’ t expect quick measurable results like other currently popular “Micro-Wave Oven Yogas of 21st Century,” which are mostly in the nature of hatha yogic practices at the mental level of consciousness and cannot do any permanent transformatory evolution of Body and mind to the level of Truth-Consciousness or Supermind.


APJA Yoga is the Science and technique of Manifesting the Supramental Consciousness of Sri Aurobindo, The Mother, Swami Ramalingam and Saint Thirumoolar in our body, mind, life and environment, with the ultimate goal of realizing the Supramental Deathless Body as the crowning evolutionary achievement. APJA Yoga is meant for the whole human race and can be practiced by any one, irrespective of their religion, nationality, race, caste, creed, gender, customs, community. It is available at free of cost, requires no initiation, no formalities etc. Those who are practicing other ancient or contemporary forms of yoga like T.M., A.O.L., Raja Yoga, SKY., can easily combine APJA Yoga without leaving their existing practices, if they aspire for a spiritual evolution from the mental level to the highest Supramental or Truth-Consciousness.


APJA Yoga consists of:

  • APJA – Yoga of Food ( Manifesting the Grace-power through the normal intake of regular food.)
  •  APJA – Yoga of Magnets ( Manifesting the Grace-power with the aid of spiritually charged magnets.)
  •  APJA – Mantra & Meditation ( Meditation on the Supreme Vast-Grace Light)
  • APJA – Gayatri Agnihotra ( Daily Agnihotra havan with APJA Gayatri mantra)
  • APJA – Yoga of Music
  • APJA – Colour Ribbon Therapy ( Using the manifested APJA Grace-powers in our body for the purpose of holistic self-healing of physical and mental disorders)