Vallalar Vinnappangal

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1. Small memorandum of the Divine – Truth – Path :

As the Beings of Truth–Nature, as the Truth – Knowledge, as the Truth – Bliss, as the Formless–Being, as the Supra–Conscient Being, as the Eternal–Being, as the Truth–Conscient, as the One – Existent, as the All–Existent, as the Beginningless, as the Timeless– being, as the Pure – Being, as the Being of Divine –Light (SUPRAMENTAL BEING), as the Being of Vast Grace – Light, as the WONDROUSBEING, as the Miracle–Being, as the Being of all manifestation, as the Omniscient, as the Omnipotent with all these divinely flavoured praising words of Truth–Divine path associates,’ devotion, rememberance, feelings, conscientiousness, with expressive expertence of the exclusive Supreme presiding Divine– Head as the Supreme compassionate Divine Being! Before Thou we Divinely associates, the lowliest in the order of the last rung of knowledge submitting these small memoranda be listened by thee graceously and protect us with thy Grace.


All the goddesses, all the gods all the presiding deities, hardly to understand all the philosophies, all the philosophers and beyond the yonder expressing in one Truth-knowledge plane situated in whatever uncomparable status presiding as the Supramental Divine Light (Arutperumjothi) the Divine Head’s exclusive Supreme status to which the Enlightend Beings’ ordained rituals comprising lower state of subject matters as against the higher state, wherso, how we like the insects emerging out of the excrete could know to format the memorandum with the high state of subject matter before thee! How can we execute! Therefore Thou, the compassionate Divine Being! The lower state of subject matter in our memorandum without being looked into, be approved graceously and protect us graceously.


Exceeding motherly Oh! the Compassionate Divine! In the Nature’s ignorant darkness in the ignorant form, as the ignorant beings dwelt in the ignorance without any awareness, by Thou supreme compassion with a little knowledge evolved us in the physical body and since that very day upto this day what that knowledge as the format and form, knowledged centric, knowledged mind, knowledged awareness, knowledged experience, without knowing to experience, faultness as the format and form and as faultcentric, faulty mind faulty –knowledged experiencing faulty–experiences of our smallness, the submitting memorandum before thine Divine association also will reveal only faulty format though knowingly known, to submit the faultless memorandum without a least feeling we submit courageously as the Divine’s is supreme G’raceous nature, faultness in these memoranda be not to be subjected to and approve with the G’race.


Since the bygone era of inconscient darkness without any trace of consciousness, after the end of that era on this earth as grass, paddy, tree, plant, vegetable kind, and as stone, mountain, hill kinds took birth after birth and subjected to tiresomeness, breaking, cutting eliminating, drying, devastation and blasting of so many kind of calamities met death after death, dwelt after dwelt in the plant lives headed to tiresome; Afterwards as ant, cell, insect, snake, crocodile, lizard of the kind and as frog, small fish, Crocodile, shark of the kind took birth after birth then degenerating, jamming, hitting, capturing of so many kind of calamities, met death after death, dwelt after dwelt in these lives of crawling and water-borne became tiresome; Afterwards as fly, beetle, crow, Falcon, Eagle of the kind took birth after birth and subjected to hitting, capturing, wandering, degenerating of so many kind of calamities meeting death after death and dwelt after dwelt in these kind of lives became tiresome. Afterwards as squirrel, monkey, dog, pig, cat, sheep, bull, Elephant, Horse, tiger, bear of these kind took birth after birth and subjected to hitting, capturing, jamming, cutting, attacking, and tieing of so many kind of calamities meeting death after death and dwelt after dwelt in these kind of animals became tiresome. Afterwards as ghost, spirit, vital beings, non-being, carnivorous being, of these kind took birth after birth and subjected to wandering, capturing, to enraging, increasing, stalling forgetting and thinking, becoming unconscious, astounding, fighting, being killed of so many kind of calamities, meeting death after death and dwelt after dwelt in these kind of spirit lives became tiresome. Afterwards as forest dwellers, thieves, and killers of these kind took birth after birth and subjected to frightening, imprisoning, wounding of so many calamities meeting death after death and dwelt after dwelt in these hell-kind lives became tiresome. By such lives suffered by us of the tiresomeness, frightening, unworthiness, dejection, touched the Divine granting with graceful compassion enlightened, knowledged in the human physical to be eligible for deathless life for which we do not know to express our gratitude to the Divine’s supreme compassion.


In all the Beings, Soul, physical, Subtle–Physical and outerphysical fully and wholly existing Oh! the Divine – Being of Light! (Supramental Light) In the infused period of human body, also in the womb of mother. in the childhood, in the youthful, with so many sufferings we were in ignorance, unknowing the potency of Divine’s Supreme Compassion wasted the life. Bygone of these period, now in the present period all the cosmos, all the worlds, all the living Beings, all the objects, and all the others, created, expressiveness done, dissolved mistakes, brought in the quality, granted the boon as there is One Truth–Divine in existence ever with all comprehensiveness and this Divine Being if prayed upon with truelove, His Grace will reveal to us openly, and by His expressive grace, death, desease, ageing, fear, suffering, of these calamities abrogated of, and in all times, wherever, howsoever, in whatever way unprevented supreme blissful boon of Divine life can be attained, as so in our knowledge we were informed of the truth by the Divine Grace. With the beginning of this felt –knowledge, how shall we worship the Divine? on what day we would get the Divine expression of Grace? Death, desease, ageing, of these sufferings when shall disappear? when shall the ever the deathlessness of supreme Bliss of boon can be attained? as so thinking and thinking not knowing the tread stumbling at the time


Oh! Divine the compassionate ocean, extending assistance to the tired – for aeonic period, death as the calamities of your suffered tiresomeness to rid deliverance of these sufferings of tiresomeness and anxiety, to beget the everlasting supreme, Divine Bliss purposely, in the Northern Part in the ancient knowledge – borne “Chitambaram” referred to as Parvathipuram also called “VUTHARA JNANA SIDDHIPURAM” Whereat the Divine would perform miracles for aeoinc period of time manifestedly and this eventuality being very near and at this place of Divine –Head to perform the dynamism of Grace, symbolically one Shrine of Knowledge should be erected as so informed of the Divine inspiration and also inside our being and outer to be seated by the Divine – Head, Oh! the all Omnipotent exclusive Divine – Head! when the decorative Divine work coming to the finish, the Divine be seated and by the gesture of Divine miracles subjecting us and all the others holding the physical body to be Truth–Beings imparting Truth–knowledge and granting Truth–Bliss be holding in the harmony of Truth–Path state to beget them Truth–Life to make them live as the Eternal Beings Oh! the all comprehensive Miracle–Being of the Vast Grace–Light (Being of Supra–mental Light) Hence forth, for all the aeonic period the stumbling blocks against Truth – Path such as the Sub–sects, Religions, and other sectoral groups whose orthodoxy positive and opposing negative tenets, classified sectors based on living state, ascetic living of the Ashram of these kind of worldly Positive and Negative tenets shall never devolve in our mind as grace be so granted. The Very essential goal of Truth-Path’s The Right of “ONENESS” of Soul Consciousness shall never be dissociated and fully to be expressive amongst us for all the aeonic Period wherever and by whatever way be granted with grace.


Oh! the all comprehensive exclusive Supreme Divine–Head, Being of the Vast Grace–Light Oh Divine! The Supreme Compassionate Grace!


Salute to Thee, Salute to Thee in gratitude.

The end of Harmonious puritan Divine Truth-Path small memorandum


2. Harmonious Puritan Divine Truth – Path Larger memorandum

The fully blossomed Truth–Nature in one Supreme Divine plane, the blossomed fully expressive Nature as the Form of Being of “VAST GRACE LIGHT”, as the Truth-Bliss of the Truth – Divine’s graceous oneness of dynamism, to imbibe in all lives the Bliss of Divine and as the exclusive Supreme Compassionate Divine– Head of exclusive omnipotential presiding Divine!


For aeonic Period as the soul in infinitesimal atom with total ignorance in the inconscient bottomless abysm lifeless, with the lit up light in me and lifted up, from the abysmal and inconscient darkness and released in the highest phenomenal birth of human body of sixsenses– fold among all the birth of lives and infused a little knowledge– For this Divine’s supreme graceous omnipotence, how shall I know, how shall I feel, how shall I express. Oh! the all Omnipotent Truth– Nature Divine! the so called receipient one as in the father’s seminal fluid of drop forming me as one part of larger form of atom to evolve in the period and also as the guiding light inside of me gracefully grown up that larger form of atom, otherwise in the outer with every body’s hesitation to face with the unhygeinic dirt and nasty odour sustaining, Thou as a spirit in form in that seminal–fluid drop with many opposing distortions inherent in it never to touching me protected my form graceously. Notwithstanding there, Thou grown up me graceously also explaining the evolved spiritual forces. The so called receipient as the mother’s ovulation fluid where at reaching me and uptill, then and there from dissolving my form by the opposing distorting matters, Thou has destroyed them all gracefully. How shall I know Thou the Divine’s Supreme Compassionate dynamic saviour! How shall I feel! How shall I express!


Oh, the all–comprehensive Truth–Nature Divine, ! Reaching me in my mother’s ovary–fluid evolving me in the physical form and during the period existing in me as the guiding light and graceously evolved my physical form. Otherwise in the outer with everybody’s hesitation to face with the unhygeinic dirt and nasty odour sustaining Thou as a spirit in form in that ovary fluid with many opposing distortions inherent in it never to touching me protected my form graceously.


Notwith standing, all the distortions projected thereat Thou has destroyed gracefully. Also the then blossomed spiritual forces to never witherout Thou has evolved to be expressive graceously


Also during the period from the form of foetus in my mother’s womb upto the form of physical fleshy body, Thou has protected me graceously from the poisoness germ, poisoness air, poisoness heat. without any distortions. Also during the period of my existence in my mother’s womb, as the fleshy physical body, the instrumental organs of principles such as the will, intellect, and knowledge–bearing to lead to live the life Thou has evolved without any short–comings graceously. Also, during the priod when I was in my mother’s womb in the Physical form, in the hardy iron – like dark cave with pitch darkness of tiny space filled up with dirts and of the close-hold and heat and perspiring of prerspiration, regretting and regretting to tiresomeness therefor frequently, softly with the breez of ecstatic air preventing from the regression and tiresomeness protected graceously. Also, in the mother’s womb of physical form, whenever hunger caused breathlessness, fed me with the bodily-need (amrit) elixir and absolving hunger, gained the breath graceously


Also, in the mother’s womb of the bodily format, whenever feared.of vital beings and pitch darkness, by the the sound of musicalnote absolved the vital beings and by the blossomed sperm’s expression. absolving the pitch darkness, graceously dropped my fear. Also, inside the mother’s womb occurred of high heat, sweeping air, high sound, high current of fluid, large insects, all of these troublesome hindrances absolved and protected me in my bodily format and also graceously explained me one aspect of knowledge.


Also further, taken birth in the world, to experience all the richness of life’s treasure, longevity of life, all these wellness Thou has graceously structured in my bodily format. Also, hitting from the womb’s air and contraction of Vaginal opening, these troublesome risk having prevented and Thou has protected and released in this world graceously. To this Divine’s supreme graceful compassionate performance, how shall I perceive? How shall I feel? How shall I worship?


Oh, the all comprehensive Truth–Blissful Divine! From the moment I landed into the so called Father’s seminal duct and upto the moment reached the so called mother’s ovary, somehow measured of me the duration of one crore and Nine lakhs and sixty thousand minutes and whatever resistance prevented off, in my format of sperm nucleus inside and outside as formless and as formed with no insinuation and with love and grace protected by Thou graceful supreme compassionate state, and to say comparatively in this world as Beings like father’s compassionate state in preventing some how even for a minute, insinuation, tiresomeness, hatefulness and caullessness in whatever kind being smallness, I could not reciprocate wellness, because of discourage in the mind. Therefore, to Thou Divine’s graceful Supreme compassion, how shall I feel! How shall I worship!


Oh! The exclusive presiding Vast Grace – Light Divine Being! From the moment I landed into the so called mother’s womb and upto the moment before appeared into this world some how measured of me the duration of six crores and Forty Eight lakhs of minutes and whatever resistances and risks prevented off, in my inside and outer sperm–nucleus and also in the physical bodily form as formless and formed without any insinuation, and with supreme Compassionately protected by Thou Grace–State and to say comparatively in this world as Beings like mother’s compassionate –state in preventing somehow even for a minute, insinuation, tiresomeness, hatefulness, unholy verbals, and caullessness in whatever kind and manner. I could not reciprocate wellness because of discouraging mind. Therefore to Thou Divine’s graceful supreme compassion how shall I feel! How shall I worship! Being virtually impossible to retrieve by anyone from the abysmal universal dark nether region with no distinction as to myself and that self for aeonic period as dormant lifeless of me and retrieved of me from that sea of dark nether region in one minute of time by the supreme causal action and retrieved from the supreme causal form of part by Thou Divine’s graceful Supreme Omnipotence, To this how shall I Feel! and how shall I worship Oh! Truth–knowledged Blissful exclusive Divine–Head! by the dynamic causal action in the causal form of part by the super–subtle dynamic action in the super–subtle form of part, by the subtle dynamic action in the subtle form of part, by the heavenly gods and goddesses, in the subtle– physical form, and by the worldly gods and goddesses in the physical bodily form in one minute of time unlandedly landed me by Thou Divine’s graceful Supreme dynamysm. To that how shall I feel! how shall I worship!


Oh the Vast Grace–Light Integral Divine being! the subtle – physical body’s emergence supporting the SELF, the subtle–watery’s emergence supporting the SELF, the subtle–fire’s emergence supporting the SELF to express, the subtle–air’s emergence evolving the SELF, the subtle–outer emergence to manifest the SELF, and the related emergent physical part, water, fire, air and their proper placements, their functioning placements, the five kinds of qualitative knowledges of sound, form, taste, smell and touch, and their proper sensual organs of ear, eye, tongue, nose, and skin and five kinds of knowledge of performing action of speech, walking, giving and taking, eliminating excretion, and urinating and their related placement of tongue, leg, hand, urinary– opening and anus–opening, – these inner functioning organs, and thinking, reasoning, decisoning, and determination, – these inner subtle functions, and their activating mind, intelligence, will, and ego–these subtle instruments, and their activating supra–subtle instruments (i.e. Spiritual–mental body) and these instruments’ sub–instrumentations with differing qualitatively expanses as Sathvam, Rajasm and Thamasm (i.e. calm and clarified consciousness, kinesis, and inertia) – these qualities and their proper placements and functioning, and the incidental functions of growth, qualifying, exerting will, selecting, commanding, causal–action and execution – these intermediate functions and when activating these, harmonisation (of tatvas and parts of the Being) will (to control, reject and select) and knowledge (of secret sources of thought, feeling and action) – these instruments and their proper placements, and their executing places and the paratva functions of the high method of purification by rejection of impurities and causing happiness thereby and transformatory purification (by selection and substitution of the good for what is rejected) and making way for the experience of Bliss thereby and the principles to execute these and their – existing places and propounding places,


1) Atma Jnana and Tatva Jnana i.e. knowledge by identity of Beings and things, which is indicated here in the text as “anubhava” or experiencing


2) Knowledge by Vision (Yoga Jnana that arises naturally as a result out of the first) which is indicated here in the text as “causing to experience”


3) Knowledge by intuition of ideas, thought and sense, feelings etc. which is indicated here in the text as “knowing” (by intuition) and


4) Knowledge by intuitive inspiration (Karma Jnana) resulting from knowledge by intuition and fulfilling further by inspired words, arts, sciences, and actions which is indicated here in the text as “Causing to know” (i.e. inspiration) – these important functions, and their activating powers and energies and their proper placements, their expansing places, gaseous–emanation, heat–emanation and phlegmy–emanation and their placements, their functioning places and sun–power, moon–power, fire–power, womanpower, creative–power, illusory–power, destruction – power – these powers, their placements and expansive places, their energising gods, their placements and expansive places, wakefulness, dream, deep sleep – these discomforts, their placements, further with these, so many inner instruments, inner–outer instruments, the skin–kinds of sole, buttock, hardness, softness, the nerve–kinds of white, red, green, smallness, largeness, bone–kinds of big and small, linearjoints, blood–kinds of pure, impure, combined, Lymph, muscle– kinds of softness, hardness, sandy and watery, seminal fluid of higher and lower kind, Brain–matter of higher kind and lower, elixir of head and waist, the colour–kinds of while, red, green, black, golden, and their combination with each other mutually like red in white, green in white, black in white, golden in white etc. these distinguishing Colours their proper placements, functioning – kinds, user–kinds, and further with these outer instruments and outermost instruments to facilitate my needs of physical body unprojectingly projected from the inner by the Divine’s supreme graceful Omnipotence – To these how shall I perceive ! how shall I feel ! how shall I worship!


Oh the Truth–Divine path–hold Being of knowledge! with the vast world’s witnessing the beings’ uncognisance of eccentric desires, anger, lust, unsound ignorance, egoistic, stoney hardness, jealousy, illusion, misery – in these eccentric short – comings largely evolving places avoiding the birth and largely characters built up of this place “Tamilnadu” with no short–form of instruments in the higher species of human birth awarded my birth– To this Thou Divine’s Supreme graceful compassionate Omnipotency – how shall I feel, how shall I worship!


Oh the Truth–Substance Being! in existence in the Vast Grace– Plane in the form of Vast Grace–Light. Begining with the child–hood upto adulthood, ghost–chasing, invisible–forces’ attacks, sex–impulse, unhealthy–body, desease – borne, hunger–impulse, fear–psychic, foodcontrary, accident,- whatever of these inhibitions avoided of and in my inner and outer being staying with evolved –To Thou Divine’s supreme graceful compassionate dynamism how shall I feel and how shall I worship!


Oh the knowledge – borne all comprehensive the Vast–Grace–Light compassionate Divine Being! In my boy – hood, indulging in small games with the boys around, seeking eatables, drawing pictures, seeing wonders, unparliamentory talks, disrespectful, weep; unresponsive with the mother–virtually non–involved in these shortcomings, and with the awareness of a little knowledge, seclusiveness, disinterestedness, meditative chanting, seeking divinity, compassion to other lives, high–character built–up, devotional singing, attentive to devotion, – to these good deeds raised me by Thou Divine’s supreme compassionate dynamism– how shall I feel and how shall I worship!


Oh omni–existent as well as Non–existent and as manifested subliminally and outer in the whole of cosmos and beyond, the exclusive presiding Divine Being!


In my boyhood to impart education without a teacher, to learn education in fitness to my standard graceously imparted from my inside Being. Avoiding the make–shift from prestige, publicizing desire, largely screening, whiling off the time–these beheld by the Aryan Languages and to learn and know lucidly and to sing and pray, feeling pleasure and to lucidly imparting the knowledge of deathlessness that the mind’s attraction, got by the divine’s graceous gesture in the one southern language (Tamil) and got me sing graceously in that Southern language various strings of prayer songs.


During that boyhood, communal rituals, sectarian culture, and other, orthodoxy culture – these are the false worldly cultures as so knowledged me and prevented in their indulgence and advancing after advancing in that period, blossoming my knowledge steadfastly and evolved me in higher status to withstand graceously. During the succeeding adulthood, the concerned appropriate hankerings of the physical body prevented even the least interference graceously.


Even before the beginning of adulthood, all the living Beings to get bliss, the truth–knowledge of there being exclusively the Truth– Divine Being as the Vast Grace–Light activating inside the Being and outer imparted graceously. Even at the advent of adulthood, Saivite, Vaishnavite, Jainism, Buddhism – with these named so many sectarian cultures and their extentions, and of their methodologies, deitees and their resultant objects, are all their imaginary philosophical traits, and these sects’ extended philosophical studies, rituals, ligendaries, Codifications, – these cultures are all philosophical imaginary traits, as so knowledged me as in provogue and prevented me from indulging in these sectoral rituals graceously. Also, Vedantham (godly Knowledge) Siddhantham, (individual seeking god) Bothantham (preaching) Nadhantham (through chanting), Yogantham (Integrating), Kalantham (mental Descipline)– these as named so many and their extended religions and paths and when compared to Suddha Sanmarga experiences, these religions are of least state of experience and prevented from their indulgence graceously.


Notwithstanding these, in the face of the world, hankerings in the matter of gold, sexual and land – in these kind of hankerings my governance even to an iota letting not to be attracted, feeling all the living beings towards common goal, and all the lives to be blissful, as this compassionate good endeavour to be gained and thus this exclusive True Divine–Path (Suddha sanmargam) conceived and for eternity indestructable Truth–Body (Suddha Dhegam) Primordial Sound – Body (Pranava Dhegam) and knowledge – Body (Jnana Dhegam) – These deathless – experiencing Bodies, by His Self – will activating all the divine principles of Omnipotentiality, getting the Truth–knowledge of there being exclusively “Only One Divine Being” in existence and Divine realisations by works, (karma siddhi) Oneness with the Divine, (Yoga Siddhi) and Knowledge of Divinity (Jnana Siddhi), the boon of grace to get these realisations to be attained to live the supreme Blissful life to reach me by the thought of Divine so as to become Being of the Vast Grace – Light (Arutperum Jothi Andavar) and howsoever got me the rarest knowing of the Supreme Truthknowledge, and howsoever got me the rarest vision of Supreme Truth–Visions and howsoever, got me Phases of grading enormous number of individuals for a timeless times for uniformity of grading and yet with no convincing resultant decision reachable and all the spiritual scriptures wherever there are, are stumbling block to the truth, all the authoritative–heads of creation, protection, and destruction of all the universal objects of cosmos, and all the Powers and Energies for causal–effectual of all kinds of principles though felt after felt could not emotively do performance and recede back, and of this highly knowledged stalwarts exclaimed in wonder. Therefore, the Truth–enlightened Beings realisation – potential grade who have joined in the Divine–graceous assembly cannot be without any doubt somehow can be deciphered by any body, that I knew. This Knowledged dwarf, how can I begin to know the graceous – Divine assembly’s grade of Truth – Expressiveness that has given the boon of realisation – potential grade to the Truth–enlightened Beings. (Jnanis)


My being the lowliest even of the insect that emerged from the excrete,with the false knowledge of window–dressed false messages yet by Thou compassionately granted graceful selective of those as the Truthful messages –Oh my Vast Grace – Light Divine – Being! (Arutperum Jothi Andavar)


The Graceful Divine–assembly’s the vast Truth-compassionate supreme–status to feel by the heads of five divine functions (Creation, Protection, destruction, screening and graceing) as the harbingers of Purity and love to be the wellness – qualities and they being the instrumentals to feel and yet there being no ultimatum to feel of the end of their instruments and they melt thinking after thinking as so knowledged Beings wondering exclamation – this I so many times learnt and knew


This being so learnt of my being the lowliest of lowly, the treasury of lust, and innocence like these negative qualities borne of hard stoney instrumental can how begin to feel the graceous divineassembly’s Vast Truth-Compassionate supreme status.


My being the lowliest of even dog, all the shortcomings done taken as the qualified goodness and seated in my soul and infused in the life stream Oh the supreme Compassionate Divine!


The god-heads (murthees) willing to worship the graceous Divine-head’s assembly’s Nature’s supreme Praise of supreme goodness their respective instrumentals to worship as their pinkish tongues are not supportive to saying truth and pleasing verbals – for these desciplines stumbling by fear to worship as so revealed to me orally by truth-knowers.

3. Harmonious Puritan Divine Truth memorandum

This knowing, the lowly lieing and unworthy verbal – with these habitually trained unhygienic tongue how shall I begin to worship the graceous Divine–Head’s assembly’s Supreme Nature’s goodness of supreme praise. Within and outer wholly expansively blossomed and existing in all the cosmos and in all the living Beings of the exclusive supreme vast Grace–Light Being of integrally Presiding Divine! (Arutperum Jothi AAndavar)

The graceous Divine Being’s Truth-Nature’s status to be knowing, Truth’s supreme compassionate supreme-status to be feeling, Truth’s supreme – goodness of supreme-praise to be worshipping, in the SELF of me surging, the spring speeding and speeding with further gushing high flood of desire surpassing the barrier, and so, the knowers’ knowing ways, the feelers’ feeling ways and the worshippers’ worshipping ways-these kind of all the ways possessed of the exclusive Vast Grace-Light Divine Being as so said by the Truth-feelers’ truth-sayings submissively followed up by me to begin in the free of status to know, feel and worship.

Thus to begin before, to my knowledge, feeling and my tongue what is the one possible way in the ways hitherto not being known, Oh the exclusive Vast Grace – Light Divine – Being! The presiding graceous Divine Being’s Truth–Nature is of what kind of state! what kind of state! as so felt and felt, thought and thought and said and said wondering.

The Truth–Nature is the exclusive supreme object, the nature is the blossoming expression of supreme, exclusive divine feet.

The nature’s exclusive supreme Divine Bliss–these three states contained as the inseparable supreme status of the Vast Grace–Light Divine Being! (Sat–Chit–Ananda) Oh Divine! by graceous potential the five sensual instruments and mind–these principles won over, becoming free from maladies, and withstood philosophically and realised the truth of his self and getting truth–vital with truth– nature in presence and experiencing truth – bliss these puritan – yogis for creation, destruction, protection, Screening and bestowing grace, Puritan–Jnanis, puritan–egoless, puritan–manthra chanters, puritan–divinely knowledge bearers and puritan –saivites–to these divine path Jnanis assembly by their good efforts individually admitted to and by submissive devotion wondrousfully activating high –deeds performing Lords!

To the Vast–Grace–Light Being, the exclusive supreme Divine– Head, the Truth–Nature’s Blissful Being as in existence with heart– touching, verbally bestow grace as for submitting the memorandum, for all the objects, for all the characters, for all the deeds, for all the usage, for all the experiences and for all others, the principles of form, individual nature and instinct as all these Himself became and non–becoming and implanting and unimplanting and inside, outerinside, outer, and outer–outmost is in fully existence irretrievably of the Truth–Natures’s graceful Divine Being! Wonderful! Wonderful! how shall we perceive! how shall we feel! how shall we say! as so saying verbally, individually in wherever gatherings, melting and melting to be living;

All the philosophies, all the philosophers being created, acti vated, directed, mesmorized and brought to the fore as all these performances easily availing in full freedom bearing, the Truth– Nature’s divine wellness entitling to integral nature and in whatever time, wherever, and in whatever way unopposedly as the eternal puritan–Jnanis, having the potential of foresight to attain purity of the physical body, purity of mind, purity of organs, purity of characters, Purity of nature, Purity of Psyche, Purity of Light, merging in God, attaining Truth, achieving time–spirit, attaining five–fold divine functions, universalising consciousness, realising thought, realising Brahmic –Consciousness, realising Sivam,- these bodily realisations, realising Cosmic Consciousness, realising Universal Consciousness, realising Transcendental Consciousness, like Occult –knowledge and principles and their activating forces, and as the integrating forces of six puritanisms in the presence of the integral divine–path puritan– Jnanis Divine– conscient assembly, admitted into by the salient action, mellofluously worshipping and addressing Oh totally independent Forces!

The Truth–Nature’s exclusive supreme presiding Divine’s graceous nature in existence to graceously blossom verbally as so appealing time, yet with no such godly verbals and withstanding with raining of ecstatic tear from the Supreme Compassionate Divine – eyes, felt of the feelers, surprisingly informed I ought to be crying and crying to say whatever! whatever! Nature is this graceous Truth– Divine.

In the basic–state work–knowledge realisation experiences, in the summit – state work–knowledge realisation experiences, in the basic–state yogic–knowledge realisation experiences, in the summitstate yogic–knowledge realisation experiences, in the basic–state philosophic–knowledge realisation experiences, in the summit – state philosophic– knowledge realisation experiences, in the basic – state psychic – knowledge realisation experiences, in the summit–state psychic – knowledge realisation experiences, in the puritan–knowledge realisation experiences, in the integral puritan–knowledge realisation experiences, Independantly and self –sustainingly becoming fulfilled Independantly expressive also, Independantly to be blissful, wherever transcendendingly merging, and all these states of consciousness culminating to “ONENESS,” and transcending all these states of consciousness to become ONE SELF of Supreme Compassionate Supreme Presiding Divine – Head!

To all the powers, to all the energies, to all the deities, to all the sub–deities, to all the heavenly Beings of female and male aspects, to all the aspirants, to all the entitlers, to all the living beings, to all the philosophies, to all the objects, to all the the qualities, to all the activities, to all the experiences, and to all the others being the foremost causal, as the sustaining causal and as supportive causal, and as Non–Being of all these in existence of the graceous Divine– Being’s Nature to know hereof, the graceous Divine Being’s Supreme Compassionate Supreme Presiding Divine–Head’s Truth– Nature to know is how possible! how possible!

Oh! the uncomparably existing “THE ONE SUPREME ONENESS–BEING” The Divine–Head’s Divine – Nature and the graceous Divine Being’s divine–nature to know, to feel, and to worship is however being impossible, yet at the slave–state of being unknowingly known, unfeltingly felt, and unworshippingly worshipped of my eshtablishing the right.

Gratitude! Gratitude!

3. The integral puritan Divine path Associates memorandum of OATH

Utthara Jnana Siddhipuram, Utthara Jnana CHITAMBARAM, – these specifically christened names by the Divine–Grace and also as “Parvathipuram”, “Vadalur” as being said by the worldly people and at this Altar of the Divine–Head, the Divine–Truth fully blossomingly existing with the realisation of “Shiva–Experience” in this Hall of Divinity, the comprehensive Divine–Truth bearing image exhibiting the dynamic Oneness of Supreme Divine–Bliss(Shivaanandha) and every living Being to enjoy this Blissful grace of Thou omnipotent exclusive presiding Vast Grace–Light Divine– Being!

I swear at Thou graceous Altar this integral puritan Divine–Path Associates memorandum. In this world with the six–senses borne supremacy of my physical body shall not in the intermittent times be subjected to DEATH, DESEASE, AGEING, FEAR, AND TROUBLES AND THIS PHYSICAL BODY SHALL BE EVERLASTING AND IN ALL TIMES FOR EVER, WHEREVER, WHATEVER, AND IN THE LEAST WITHOUT PROHIBITTINGLY ENJOY THE SUPREME BLISSFUL DEATHLESS LIFE AND THIS IS BEING MY TRUE WILLFUL WISH. My wishful impetus being so, eradicating all the troublesome afflictions and transforming this physical body to everlasting, deathless permanance and to live for ever in the supreme blissful life of divine by what aspect can be attained to know at the time, and cannot be attained by any other mode, the only possible mode of attainment is by the Divine Being’s graceous independent liberty as informed of me by the Divine–grace

Further, when began to know by what mode the Divine’s graceous liberty can be attained, discording the three kinds of liberties of My–Ness and Me–ness of Physical Being’s liberty, Vitalsensual–liberty and life’s liberty as informed of me by the Divine–Grace. So, my owned liberty of physical being’s liberty, Vitalsensual liberty, and life’s liberty I have submitted to the graceous Divine–Being in total liberty.

This physical body, life and vital–sensual objects were all given by the Universal Liberator, the Supreme Compassionate Divine Being and not by our own liberty-this truth graceously informed of me I knew.

Hereafter in witness of the graceous Divine, in whatever mode any form of liberty as to the Physical body, life and vitalsensual objects shall never occur.

The Divine shall render in me his graceous liberty and discord the death, desease, ageing, fear, and all the afflictions and transform my physical body into deathless perfection in everlasting life of Supreme Bliss.




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