Vallalar Jnana Sariyai

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divine grace songs with Tamil


Remember Him Remember Him Feel Him Feel Him In the
Heart of love melt and melt in love for Him
Fill and Fill the heart with love for Him and drench and
drench the body with flowing tears of joy and love


call the Lord by beautiful and loving words of worship
And praise Him as the Amrita of Bliss
and Grace the Treasure of goodness, the Lord of
Knowledge- Play (i.e. Knowledge – Will – Jnana Natanam)


And as the rightful Master of
my (or your) being
O! People of the world come, come You can
Live the great glorious life of a deathless body.


I speak the Truth
I do not exaggerate nor lie.
This is the time to enter Por * sabha
And the *cit sabha


This is the hour entering into, seen
our Beloved, It is I am
Uttering, my tongue
Do not say false one


The seeking right hour of entitled
And owned one and others
And mundane possessions
without supportively


O! the rich juicy sugary cane
O! The reddish fruit
O! The fresh raw honey
O! The Truth-substance
O! The invaluable palm-held pearl


O! The rightful supreme presiding God-head
O! The Compassionate Lord,
O! The Refuge
O! The Truth – Lord
Prayeth so with devotional surrender.


Submissively Submissive
with obeisance after obeisance
can you sing worldly people
O! Supreme Lord knowledge – Will
O! Lord of Heaven and Earth O! Lord of Grace


O! the unique mystic the Divine
knowledged Truth-Lord
O! the transcendental Lord
O! The Truth-knowledged inhabitant
The tranquill Divine Bliss of obeisance
O! The integral Harmonious
Supreme Truth-Divine Lord of Nature


When so prayeth structuring
inwardly and remembering
sayeth with melting heart that moment
shall witness the unseen visions of all


Whatever seen only the unrelated
Whatever heard only the unsubstantial
Whatever learnt only the false
Thy indulgence in sensual life only waste


Whatever eaten only the excrete
Whatever taken inward only the defects
O! Worldly people hitherto- now
unrealised the Truth


Said of me so thou hereafter
shall follow the Spiritual path
of integral divine-Truth.
Consciously feeling the Divine -Truth


Enter the Heaven of Truth -Consciousness
And attain my Father’s Grace
With the boon of deathlessness
and Divine Bliss.


Shall enjoy the Bliss whatever the world
Acceptably shall live
Executive of all actions- borne Omnipotent
Divinity shall attain


O! beloveds thou art called hereunto
The integral path of Divinity
shall transform the, exterior life
into psychic of the soul


The golden light surrounding the effulgence
Inherently with Divine Elixir
The Crown of knowledge-wholeness
Exceedingly over as the Divine-Substance


The ignorants of love shall hardly get
O! Pearl the Truth-Conscient Realm’s
O! Supreme medicure so thou sayeth
All the sufferings to eradicate


The Wrongful all ought to be good
so gracefully admitting Divine
Me the lowly – being bestowed of elixir
Enlightened of the boon


The Illusory’s Screen to nought
The nature’s habitat of soul’s bliss
Delved in the depth
Expressive in the realm
* The Arutperum Jothi – The One
(Supramental Light)


The Supreme Divine SELF
Inside the being as all contained
of one Substance with Supreme compassion
Borne of Supreme Divine-Head


We shall seek deathless
Wellness O! worldly people
This is the auspicious hour
It is thee who has to ponder over.


Art thou a stranger to me to thou
Entitled to be a soul-mate
Though lengthy sermon shall I do
Never to say wounding words


To become related Gracious-Elixir
Begotten me and lifted up
And bestowed the supreme Divine-Bliss
That Supreme Divine-Head


To become harmonious, in the
Divine hemisphere
Manifesting the Divine Physical
To performing the Divine miracles
of the auspicious days after.
So to enjoin This is good
Hour to be here Thou art welcome
O! worldly people of thoudst thought
Begetting Speedily


Rushing speedily thou art welcome
O! Worldly people be here unto the Divine Realm
Telling the Truth-Word Thou
Do not think otherwise


Wrinklled after wrinkling and shrivelled
youthful to become
And the deads to arise
The Divine miracles to perform


planned determindedly the Omnipotential
The Supreme executant Himself
To be presenting at this hour
Thou shall begetting the boon.


Melt after melting in the heart of love
with tears welling up in the eyes
submitting at the altar of
Supreme compassionate Divine-Head
Felt of blissfully inside the being


To be in the blissful world for timeless
Time the whole world
To be in delight the Grace-Light
Divine’s up-bringing hour


Which is the hour of cognisance
Do not consider so, this is
The Present hour of
raising up the dead
O! worldly people


I am not hiding to say
I am uttering by word of mouth
No trace of fear I have
The truth I felt


To the bestowing in the Truth-conscient Realm
To beget my Father’s Grace
If desirous thou art welcome here
O! loveliers


If desirous thou art welcome here
The Grace – Light Lord
As the Mother and Father
The Grace bestowing Grace-Lord


Devoid of the deception beholding me
And bestowed the conscepted thought
The all executing Omniscient
Merged in the Life-Force of me.


The Grace-Knowledge diffusing
of the universal dynamic Divine -Action
To arouse in the Divine’s mind
This is the Divine -chosen day here.


As of deceptive word do not think so
Do not be deceived O! Worldly People
Never to be extinct in the triune times
This is the determined goal to achieve


O! Worldly people thou art welcome
This is the chosen hour thou witnesseth
The Grace – Light Supreme Divine – Head
My Father’s presenting hour


Churned of the unique Divine-Elixir
Fed of me the delight
And all the unseeable visions
showable hour


Wander not as ignorant of thou self
Thou shall have the blissful as me
Indifferent of my self and thy self-as the one -self
Thought of so sayeth.


Out of the erstwhile tenets of religion
If thou arise up and hold, the ever lasting
The one unique path of Substance
Oriented Divine Path to evolve


The trod to the Divine is the one exclusive
That is integrating divine-substanced path
Leading to the SAT-CHIT- ANANDA
So feel O! worldly people
And thou join here unto me.


The blossoming path delving me into
And bestowing the Gracious-Elixir
The all-omnipotential forces
Endowed of me by the compassionate Divine Being


To perform miracles in this Supreme Divine path
G’raciously conceived in thought
The Supreme Compassionate Divine Being
To unveil at this hour.


Do not fall to wander into the abysm of dark ignorant Path
Do not be perturbed
With the seeing oneness of thought
Me sayeth the Truth


I sayeth the Truth here
Thou shall be welcome O! Wordling
Cast not doubt in (His) my Word
And Puzzle not over


Cast not of Him simpler
The all-executing Omnipotent
Indwelling in my heart conducts the symphony
This thou shalt hear


With the coolness into the Divine Path
Merge speedily to evolve
to bestowing the Truth-Life from


The compassionate bestowing supreme Harmonizer
The Divine-Refuge
The presiding compassionate Head
Is this his hour of Presence.


The Supreme Divine Being becoming
as my Being and all the lives
Becoming Himself and to as Non-Being
Existing as the supreme Divine-Head
As the Father and Mother of me
O! the Divine-Sky! as the Nucleus of that sky
O! the pre-Existent to the Nucleus of Divine-Sky
My affectionates recognise thou
as the supreme compassionate
The Indwelling Lord of Being


Like the reddish crystaline honey so
Sweetened of the knowledged-elixir
Indwelling in the Truth -Conscient Realm’s supreme life.
Do thou think over O! wordling


Even the fleshy physical never to extinct Eternally to be evolving
Thou shall be bestowed with the hightened realisation
said of me the Truth.


The knowledge of Truth-substance of the Divine
And the derivatives of all
Though independently felt in the feeling
Yet hardly possible to realize one’s self


In the everlasting centre of Truth -conscient Realm
The whole occupant’s dynamic action
The unblemished Truth-Divine Head


Such is the One Supreme Divine
The rarefied Reality unto me
As the Spirit and in my spirit
seated the Supreme Divine compassionate


All the realisations awarded of me,
Is the Divine-Refuge O! worldling
Think over and eulogize
Avoiding the mental-aberration


In the hearts of those without mental – aberration
The occupied supreme Divine Being
Shown of all the Divine Planes
And the Master bestowed the Grace-State


He as my Father and the Unique Mother
And also my two eye-balls
And also my life-force and consciousness
My wisdom of wisdom


In the thought current occupied uniquely
Comprising all the knowledge-Elixir
The executable Supreme Omnipotent
The Divine Head O! Worldling


To demit the dark legacy of bad virtues
Come forth to eradicate the ego
in the aggressive mind and vital
The lasting fear of death also
To pursue to abolish.


Efforting on the earth with no fruition
All the religions unsubstantial
To shrunk to disappear
With no hiding of Truth


The activated Divine oriented path
To manifest universally
Our supreme Lord’s graceful rise-up
Be watchful to this hour


Like consciously rising up from the slumber
All the deads
shall be arising up
This begins to happen


To ascertain practically thou art welcome speedily
Shall knoweth the unlearnt
Knowledge of Truth and feel
shall embrace the Bliss of Divine.


Thou never knoweth the Bliss of wellness but only horribles
Thou knoweth boldness O! worldling
Thou knoweth to deceiving and sermoning
Thou knoweth not yet the Truth


Thou knoweth not the earthly and the heavenly
What is thoudst thought
How would thou conceive if death nears
Where would thou to refuge Alas!


Thou knoweth not the Inward being thou knoweth the outer
the eternal Truth-Knowledge of Ambrosial
Form shall thou attain .


Thou behaved as if unrecognized of me
Did you not know me
The realised all Beings eulogising the gracious
The * Siddha’s son being myself.


My sayeth of all the words
are the words of Divine-Head
Have the confidence in me O! my people
This is the best of the time.


The utterance from the sky, of Heaven’s Realm
with the dynamism of the Supreme Divine
of His expectant presence of grace
To beget all the boons


I arise in my heart sweetening like honey
Thou shall knoweth and rise with me
shall beget the realisation


Why I had to sayeth because of compassion
I had to sayeth thou have seen
The Divine-Wellness I beget
Thou too shall begetting.


Determindedly sayeth is this
Hear hitherto Thou art welcome
with the oscilating mind of thought as of monkey
The shying O! Worldling


Thoudst descertedness no goodness
Shall evoke mine
Truth-sayeth as of false-sayeth
Let do not so consider.


The established religion and sub-sects is all
The undeviated untruth unto them
Thou do not enter in SIVAM is the ONE
Divine substance knoweth so.


The blossomed dynamic action of Truth-Conscient Realm
Thou knoweth and submit in worship
The cherished all the realisations this very day
Shall embrace thou.


Thoudst merger shall evoke oneness
The integral Spiritual path is
The Divine’s ordained is the unique Supreme path
The all cherished realisations shall beget.


Thou art devoted to feeding
Slumbering to Nurture
The universal whole of probing
The Divine-Secrecy thou did not realise


The ocean bound earthly known
The death’s existential ordeal Alas!
To acceed to death even the inconscient one
of dust shall not acceed to


The approaching death
Could be resisted off with naked eye
The exclusive Truth-Conscient Realm’s dynamism
Thou shall witnesseth.


Even if harmed of with all the sufferings
He will peacefully submit to the universal
Divine-dynamic supreme compassionate
The Omnipotent Being


Be thoughtful of Him in the inward Realm,
The integral-Divine sun-lit path
Shall disseminate so sayeth
To thee O! earthly-bound even if me


Being scolded do scold
I would deem it as greetings
will not mentally aberrated and all the self-respect
I released to part in its own course.
Even if the insignificant trace of untruth
Would never sayeth Truth and only Truth
Sayeth Thou all
To become Holiness


Thoudst sensual pleasures all is insignificant
Illusory this is me
sayeth to thou now and then
because of seeing into thee.


O! earthly ignorants into the nether world
Do not seemingly good to be extinct
For the superb deathless life
To live in thou art called up here to to
Avail the divine – substance in the supreme
Divine state of integral poise
Enter into the Truth -Conscient Realim and the Divine nectar
Thou drinketh with love


Avail the Grace-potency and as thought of
Exhibiting dynamism thou
Shall be approached by any lest
None would appose.


If taken as a differing spirit of knowledge
And remaining dumb
The catastraphic death
Would besiege Alas!


By any effort thou suddenly
shall not prevent
The integral-Divine trod’s
Associates exclusively of others alone


Shall do steadfastly prevent
And none is there in any world
This is the mandate of Truth
O! worldling! this is my sayeth


The attachments to all the attached
Be detached and the Divine Grace-ridden
Truth-Conscient Realm behold in grip
Shall never face death.


The dead when placed in the coffin
Thou becomes horrendous O! worldling
The great boon of deathlessness thou
Why shall not begetting


Thou being forgetful of disease and ageing
Art thou agreeable to
Unforgetting even this the good yet to think of
The mind shall shiver thou witnesseth


The excelcier exclusively one is the Divine-trod
The disease ageing, death
Shall not besiege thou look at
Thou art welcome here knowingly


This is the purpose of birth begotten
The timeless eternal Truth-life
Begetting the supreme Bliss
Shall embrace in no time.


sayeth the corcerned
message to thou by oneness
O! worldling do not think of me
enemical but related


Seeing the learned and unlearned
disappear by death
Horrifying the mind
Is it agreeable to death


My mind desolately
shall not agree to this
thoudst Mind I do not know
If mellifluous or stoney


Join me we shall stall this.
My path is that Truth-Path
to abrogate death


The Divine-trod supreme Compassionate beings
The Divine – Head of their’s
Beholding me the supreme God-Head
The Unique exclusive presiding Head


Routed of me into the excelcier-trod
And as the Divine-trod Associates
Central Being showered of the graceful elixir
by the Divine-Head


The illusory associates ignorables
To the exalted Truth-Being the knowledged
Integral-Truth substanced
Hold of the supreme medicure


Excepted of the strangers trod by Grace
unto the dynamism of Truth-Conscient Realm
of the Vast Grace-Light O! Worldling
Submit to beget the Truth-knowledge.


The earthly hold illusory traits
of the traitor’s inward realm
of the seated the graceful Truth-being
The Supreme Divine-substance


Whoever be- face to face
Rarefied to see
The everlasting eternal Divine-substance
Becoming the Self of all states and planes


The expressive evolvere
The Truth-Divine’s Universal – Self
The Omnipotent’s dynamic force of execution
Bestowed of me the God-Head