unity of religions-swami ramalingam

Swami Ramalingam goes one step further in advising the mankind to leave their existing religious paths and adopt the path of pure spirituality and Universal Spiritual Brotherhood i.e. Samarasa Suddha Sanmarga(Path of Truth, the Right and Purity and Harmony), which transcends all religions, philosophies and sects.

All Beings Shall Live Blissfully
Swami Ramalingam-The Greatest Social-Spiritual Reformer

“The supreme and universal Divine has sent me here into this world to do his mission of leading or guiding all the people of the world including those who are black within (i.e. of impure and deceitful nature – ‘Agathe Karuthu Purathe Vellutha’ poem in Arutpaand white without (i.e. make a deceitful show of culture in their outer nature and behavior), into the Path of Sanmarga Sangha and purify and transform them and make them attain the blissful life of the Heaven here in this world itself So sent down into the world to do His mission in this yuga or age, I am verily blessed with us Grace”.

Note by Sri T.R.Thulasiram : According to the Swami, his Sanmarga would function more effectively with the advent of the Vast Grace-Light on the earth. So the purification and transformation of the inner and outer consciousness and nature of the people would be done imperatively and effectively and universally by the manifesting divine Light and, for its universal manifestation the Swami played his part as its effective instrument (12-25.—5). Besides, the Swami also possessed the Light within and above himself and felt his divine mission to mend and purify the people individually and collectively and lead them to the Light. Sri A Balakrishna Pillai, the well-known faithful editor of ‘Arutpa’ works of the Swami, who has brought into publication of true and faithful and authentic Tamil editions of the Swami’s prose and poetical works, has also translated a select collection of Arutpa songs.On the above stanza, he has pointed out that the Swami meant to purify and transform the people even if they are rotten in the very core of their nature)

“The many systems of discipline (i e the religions and sectarian philosophies) are seen to become ineffective and die away. Only Sanmarga, ( i.e.Samarasa Suddha Satya Sanmarga, the Path of Truth, the Right and Purity and Harmony) alone thrives and all the worlds come to accept the said Sanmarga which is the way of the Grace of Our Lord, by abstaining from killing (and harming otherwise the beings and creatures)”.

“The rude and mad orgy of the distinctions of race, community, heredity, religion and philosophy and of the much-lauded VarnaAshrama dharma has shattered.”

Editor’s Note: Swami Ramalingam is the foremost and pioneering Spiritual-social reformer, who has openly fought the evil religious practice of Varnashrama Dharma, which has been so explicitly and widely practiced by the caste-ridden Hindu religious society. The established four social orders of life, called as Varnashrama Dharma has been the bane of the Hindu Religion, by its evil practices of creating various caste divisions like Brahmin caste, high-caste, low-caste, untouchables etc.

“I now call you. O People ! This is the time for the Unique Lord to come (to manifest) the Unique Lord the One who dances or plays dynamically in order to establish you in the divine Law and in the state shown by the Path of the Truth and that Good (Sanmarga). It is the opportune time for the Lord to come by Himself’ and openly manifest His Play of Grace (in the world, so. as to be seen or recognized by the people at large) as happening on the public road. So do not be any more wandering at random aimlessly and helplessly in vain. It is not good for you to waste your energies and be ruined because of the pride of your separative consciousness which seeks since long time its devious satisfaction in the divisions of race religions and philosophies and in the disputes of allegiance to Various Shastras or Books of Knowledge and in the quarrels due to social status of family and heredity 

“May the festive manifestation of the Supreme Shakti of Grace and Harmony grow and prevail over, from day to day and ever more continuously and progressively at Siddhipuram (i. e. at Uttara Jnana Siddhipuram, the Home of the Highest Knowledge and Power of Perfection, i e referring to Vadalur where the Swami opened in January 1872 the shrine of Satya Jnana Sabha) May the people of the world from every direction come ( here at Siddhipuram ) and receive the joy of rapture. May the mad orgy of religions and philosophies come to an end for ever

-Courtesy: Swami Ramalingam’s poetry translated in English by Sri T.R.Thulasiram
– Arut Perum Jyothi & Deathless Body,Vol II.