Thirumoolar Mantra

Auro – Ma – Ramalingam Trust

Secret Integral Bija Mantras given by Thiurmoolar


“Kooththe Sivaya Nama
“Kooththe – I – U – A – E – Om – Sivaya Nama
“Kooththe – I – U – A – E – Om – sivaya Nama
“Kooththe – I – U – A – E – Om – Nama Sivaya”


– (Thirumandiram or Holy garland of 3,000 mantras, say TM. Mantra No 912)


“Sivaya Nama Om … Sivaya Nama Om
Sivaya Nama Om … Nama Sivaya”


– (Ibid TM 912)

The above are the most secret and integral Bija and Nama mantras of the ancient Thirumoolar for realization of soul, self and the Divine and for the integration, through the five vowels and their centers or chakras, of the three bodies – the physical, subtle and the soul’s luminous causal – and for transformation of nature and the physical body. Kooththe` is the dance or Truth – vibrationof the Divine in the Truth – World of Supermind. Note the change of long vowel I` into the short I in the fourth line


“Siva`ya Nama O`m …” leads one’s consciousness upwards, “Sivaya Nama O`m …” and “Nama Siva`ya” downwards. The chant of the Siva mantra as a whole acts to integrate the three bodies with a powerful concentration at a particular center like the heart or the mid forehead. Similarly the chant of the three lines of the powerful vowels (Bija mantras) brginning with “Kooththe`” as in TM 912 integrates the whole adhara (psycho-physical system) with all its main centers (chakras) as wells as the three bodies. The chant of the said Bija mantras i.e., the five vowels, I` – U` – A` – E` – O`m at first evoke and open the five mail centers. Thus, a slow and repeated chant (say 20-30 times or more) of I` activates and opens the navel center (Nabhi); U` the heart center (Anahata); A` the spinal base or sex center (Mooladhara); E` the throat center ( Visuddhi); O `the mid for-head center (Ajna), and when O` is chanted with m i.e., as O`m or rather O` … m … it reaches and strikes at the top of the head (Sahasrara), and then reverberates reaching down finally the Mooladhara. (It is seen that the corresponding short vowels I – U – A – E – O touch the same centers but into their inner depth). The Bija and Nama mantras either separately or in their combined form as in TM 912 are meant for the people of all age groups including the youths and householders.