Swami Ramalingam

Swami Ramalingam

Swami Ramalingam’s Universal Grace-Rule has been transforming the very landscape of International as well as national politics and eliminating the evil-minded people. His UNO power (highest DBP or Deathless Body Power) is ruling over and leading behind the appearances of all major global events.

“May the government of people ruling without compassion die away quickly. May men of the good Path of love and grace come to ruleMay the good and wise who seek the gift of Knowledge succeed to fulfill their good intentionsMay all live in collective harmony seeking the good ( by thought, word, and action ).”

– Swami Ramalingam ( Arut Perum Jyothi & Deathless Body by Sri T.R.Thulasiram, vol II )


” Let the mad orgy of religions and the arrogance of Ideologies come to an end. Let people of the world from all directions join and live happily in the harmony of a World-Union based on the oneness of the Divine Spirit. Let the Divine Spirit too manifest and settle permanently on the earth with its direct dynamism of Truth – Consciousness and action in the inward and outward life of the humanity (Cit Sabha and Por Sabha). Let harsh Governments without the rule of compassion fall and perish. Let the world government be ruled without fear but in Grace and Knowledge and that by men of wisdom and goodwill. Let all live in unity and harmony desiring the Good. Let the good men of heart, thought and knowledge realise the good they aspire for. ”

– VALLALAR 1873(in his poem on world unity)