Swami Ramalingam Photos

Swami Ramalingam Photos

Arut Perum Jyothi Mantra written by Swami Ramalingam’s own hand writing.

Front Main entrance of Satya Gnana Sabai (Temple of Vast Grace Light – Arut Perum Jyothi), where it is written that only the compassionate and vegetarians should enter.

Satya Gnana Sabai ( Temple of Vast Grace Light – Arut Perum Jyothi ) at Vadalur

Lit-up lamp at the “Satya Dharma Salai (Kitchen for The compassionate feeding of poor) at Vadalur. This lamp was lit by Vallalar on 23.05. 1867 and since then it has been burning as a symbol of continuous feeding at this kitchen.

Close up of the lit-up lamp, symbolic of the Supreme Divine Vast Grace Light (Arut Perum Jyothi) in the sanctum sanctorum of “Satya Gnana Sabai ( Temple of Vast Grace Light)” at Vadalur. Look at this grace light with a few minutes of concentration and feel the highest divine vibrations.

APJA Dharshan at Satya Gnana Sabai, Vadalur

APJA Dharshan at Siddhi Valagam, Mettukuppam.

Front Entrance to the main shrine in Siddhi Valagam Temple ( Deathless Divine Realization Temple), at Mettukuppam Village.

Front entrance of the ” Satya Dharma Salai (Kitchen for the compassionate feeding of poor)” in Vadalur.

Providing both food for the body and soul. Vallalar’s Shrine at the Satya Dharma Salai ( Kitchen for the compassionate poor feeding) at Vadalur.

A group of Vallalar Devotees embarking on a pilgrimage(Yathra) from Vadalur to Himalayas. Vallalar’s Sanmarga Sangam (Path of Universal Divine Compassion to all Fellow Living Beings) and it’s core teachings of worshipping the Vast Grace Light (Arut Perum Jyothi) as the supreme natural form of Divine; Non-Violence and Vegetarianism; Freedom from race, religion, caste, creed, class, colour, sect, gender discrimination, customs and superstitious beliefs; Transformation and Deathlessness of physical body as the highest spiritual realization and evolutionary attainment(Siddhi) have attracted a large number of spiritual aspirants from all the sections of the society.

Non-extinguished firewood stove at Satya Dharma Salai ( Kitchen for Compassionate feeding of poor ) in Vadalur, which was inaugurated by Vallalar on 23.05. 1867 and has been burning non-stop and feeding continuously.

An extract from the British India’s official gazette of South Arcot District in Tamil Nadu, India. The British India’s then provincial administrator or Collector Mr. J.H.Garstin, I.C.S., had visited , investigated and recorded (gazetted) in 1874 on Vallalar’s dematerialization of his deathless divine body at Siddhi Valagam (Temple of Deathless Divine Body Realization) at Mettukuppam Village near Vadalur, Tamil Nadu, South India.

Front Main Entrance View: Devotees having the Dharshan of Vast Grace Light (Arut Perum Jyothi) at Satya Gnana Sabai (Temple of Supreme Vast Grace Light) at Vadalur.

The original structure of Siddhi Valagam ( Temple of Deathless Divine Body Realization ) as it stood at the time of Vallalar’s dematerialization in January 1874.

The original door of the room at Siddhi Valagam ( Temple of Deathless Divine Body Realization ),at Mettukuppam Village, near Vadalur, as it stood in Jan, 1874 when Vallalar locked himself before dematerializing his deathless divine body.

The renovated door at the Siddhi Valagam Room in Mettukuppam. Devotees are seen praying earnestly in front of it.

Devotees having the dharshan of lit-up light, symbolic of the Vast Grace Light ( Arut Perum Jyothi ), inside Vallalar’s Siddhi Room in the “Siddhi Valagam Temple ( Temple of Deathless Divine Body Realization )” Complex. Once in a year in January, on the date of his dematerialization of deathless divine body, the window of this room is opened for all the devotees and spiritual aspirants

A postage stamp is released by the Department of Posts, Government of India, in honour of Swami Ramalingam’s (Vallalar) contribution to spirituality, literature, humanity and society.

Satya Gnana Sabai shrine at Vadalur with doors closed.

Satya Gnana Sabai shrine at Vadalur with doors opened. A lit-up lamp, symbolizing the Arut Perum Jyothi (Vast Grace-Light) is kept behind the seven screens in the sanctum sanctorum.

Old photo of Satya Gnana Sabai in Vadalur, before renovation.

Old photo of Vallalar shrine at Satya Dharma Salai in Vadalur.

Old photo of courtyard at Siddhi Valagam in Mettukuppam village.

Old photo of lit-up lamp, symbolizing Arut Perum Jyothi (Vast Grace-Light) at Siddhi Valagam, Mettukuppam village.

One of the popular photos of Vallalar with the sacred-ash at his forehead. He is standing behind the Satya Gnana Sabai and Satya Dharma Salai.

An old picture of lit-up Jyothi at Siddhi Valagam in Mettukuppam, near Vadalur.

An old picture of Siddhi Valagam Ashram at Mettukuppam Village, near Vadalur (Front Entrance View)

Swami Ramalingam’s embossed picture at the Satya Dharma Salai Shrine in Vadalur.

Other undated old pictures of Satya Gnana Sabai in Vadalur

One of the rare paintings of Swami Ramalingam kept at his shrine in Karunkuli, near Vadalur. It was in this shrine-room that the ever compassionate Swami had poured water instead of oil to miraculously burn the mud-lamp. Some of the devotees believe that this may be his original physical form. It could be that for a period of time during his earthly life, the Swami had kept a a moustache.

A close-up picture of ‘Arut Perum Jyothi’- The ‘Vast Grace-Light’ at the ‘Siddhi Valagam Temple’ shrine, near Vadalur.

A western, Sanmarga disciple of Swami Ramalingam, is seen here lovingly distributing the holy sacred ash to the Sanmarga devotees at the Siddhi Valagam Temple shrine. Vallalar’s path of Samarasa Suddha Sanmargam(Path of Supramental Truth Consciousness and Vast Grace-Light), the highest evolutionary spiritual path because of its science of deathlessness, has been attracting the people from all walks of life. Now the time has come for the path of Suddha Sanmargam- the path which abolishes the disease, death and mortality- to spread all the four corners of the world.

To begin with, Auro-Ma-Ramalingam Trust has placed a symbolic and prayful aspiration at the lotus feet of Vallalar on this most sacred day i.e. 25-01-2008 that a ‘Satya Gnana Sabai’ or ‘Temple of Arut Perum Jyothi,’ exactly along the architectural lines and similar to the ‘Satya Gnana Sabai’ in Vadalur, should be established and constructed in U.S.A.,