Sri Aurobindo

Auro – Ma – Ramalingam Trust

Sree..Aravinda Sree..Aravinda Aravindaya Nama O..m
Sri Aravinda Sri Aravinda..Mirra Aravinda Nama O..m


By chant of this integral mantra, Gangadharan felt Light and Omkara Sound surrounding him, and his adhara (the psychophysical system) blossomed in all the centres (chakras). Sri Aurobindo and the Mother appeared for a while in their luminous golden Forms of Grace. Then his deep soul-consciousness joined with the Self and ascended to the Truth-world, and he felt the Divine Presence everywhere. Even during the ascent, the Golden Light was seen flowing down from above and spreading everywhere. In the summit of the Truth-World he experienced the vast and pure white Light of Grace. When he was identified with it, he heard an immortal sound which made him wake up with open eyes. The vibrations of the experience continued for a long time and were tangibly felt in the body.