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SWAMI RAMALINGAM (alias VALLALAR) (1823 – 1874)
Vast Grace-Light (APJA) Deathless Transformative Mantra given by Swami Ramalingam

Arut Perum Jyothi … Arut Perum Jyothi
Thanip Perum Karunai … Arut Perum Jothi

Vast Grace-Light…. Vast Grace-Light
Supreme Compassion….. Vast Grace-Light


-Swami Ramalingam(alias Vallalar), Vadalur
(near Cidambaram, Tamil Nadu)


Mantra of Swami Ramalingam
(by T.R.Thulasiram)

O … m … Namo Bhagavathe Cidambaram Ramalingaya
Cidambaram Ramalingah … Sharanam Mama.

By the meditative chant of this universally appealing direct mantra of the Divine as Supreme Light of Grace, Gangadharan had the most powerful and integral experience in which the vast Light of Supreme Grace linked the Truth-world of Supermind with the whole universal manifestation (visva darshan) and the vast nether Realm of the Inconscient Darkness. The graceful Presence of Swami Ramalingam was felt for a while during the chant. Then, Gangadharan was surrounded by the white Light of Grace and Omkara Sound and Bliss. His soul-consciousness joined with the Self and ascended to the Truth-world of Supermind, seeing the pure white Light of Grace everywhere on his way. In the ascent into the Truth-World he entered into the Golden Truth-world of Golden Light (Ponnambalam proper) and then reached the summit Truth-world (Cit Ambalam) of the pure white Light of Supreme Grace (Arut Perunjothi). He became identified with the Supreme Divine of the vast Grace-Light and experienced the whole universal manifestation in its formless form and as an expression of Supreme Compassion (Thanip Perung Karunai). Then, by a power of the Grace-Shakti he came down into the Golden Truth-World and saw Siva-Sakti Dance in their subtle or formless form of union, and after descending through several planes, came back to the earth which appeared illumined by Golden Red Light.


His soul-consciousness entered back into the physical body through Brahmarandhra, the hole in the top head. But before so entering, “Golden Red Light” rushed into his physical body filling up all its cells, and then “Golden Light” similarly entered into his whole adhara. His whole body appeared luminous in golden red, and even the roots of hair shone likewise. An indescribable Bliss overwhelmed the depth of his heart. Now the Golden Light rushed into the vast nether Realm of the Inconscient Darkness and pervaded it making it luminous Golden. Then, the Inconscient was filled up with the White Light of Grace, and with it, came the tangible experience of micro-atomic, luminous and conscious white particles of Substance radiating Light-the same particles as were seen before by Gangadharan in 1978 in his rare vision of dematerialisation of the luminous golden, transformed-living-body of Swami Ramalingam (see the Appendix in Volume I) – and there was also the experience of the Supreme Divine inhabiting it with Love and Grace and Compassion. This revealed concretely that the Supreme Divine of Vast Grace-Light (Arut Perunjothi Andavar) has become the Inconscient Darkness for the play of a slow evolutionary Manifestation. Gangadharan heard a blissful Sound of Grace, hitherto unheard of ever before. He sensed too a Fragrance of Grace. After two hours of continuous experience he woke up with eyes open. This is by far the most powerful and wonderful integral experience is ever had. The vibrations of the Presence of the Supreme Divine with the Light of Supreme Grace was felt concretely and tangibly in the physical cells of the body too and it continued for long long hours. He felt his heartfelt gratitude to Arut Perunjothi Andavar for providing him this supreme experience.


The Supreme Divine is inherent in and inseparable from the Vast Light of Supreme Grace, though the Grace-Light is fully manifest above, but hidden below in the nether Darkness, and involved and indirectly present in our earthly life and body and Matter. Arut Perunjothi mantra can evoke its Grace to act in any condition and situation.


It is readily seen that if an integral mantra at the best can give supramental transformation of body, “Arut Perunjothi” mantra is all the more necessary for transformation of the body into its deathless state, because the Light of Grace invades and illumines the Inconscient Darkness which is the strong fortress of the dark power or god of death. This mantra, received directly from the Divine by Swami Ramalingam and soon given by him to the disciples and devotees in his last days when he had already attained the deathless transformation of his body – that is, before dematerialising it in 1874 in sacrifice for the universal manifestation of the divine Grace-Light directly on the earth-has an immense significance and value for the humanity which is seeking for an individual as well as a collective evolution of its earthly life of Ignorance into a divine life of Bliss and Knowledge, and for the unity of the world and mankind.