How to increase our body’s spiritual-physical powers and improve our Health with the Mother’s Pranam Picture?


(‘Mother’s Yoga of Food’)


Sri T.R. Thulasiram Sri Aurobindo Ashram

Click to download, print and use it for your Body Transformation
Click to download, print and use it for your Body Transformation

This picture was taken on 15-8-1964, on the day of releasing Sri Aurobindo’s stamp by the Govt of India. The Mother is seen with her joined hands as in prayer. Hence it is called as “Mother’s Pranam Picture (or say ‘MPP’).”

Among all her pictures over her life-period, including the others taken on the said day, this bears or carries the highest spiritual power one may call it a ‘spiritual-physical power,’ because one can comparatively feel it as the highest by touch or look of them each for 3 minutes. In fact, the Mother has given it the title “Salute to the Advent of truth’ and it was published some years back as a calendar picture from Sri Aurobindo Ashram. It is available as a photo or printed picture from Sri Aurobindo Ashram. The high Truth descended into her body and its power is also felt in radiation outside her body, in her environ around. Therefore, in this background, we understand that the Mother’s body and environ, as in her Pranam picture, manifests a power of truth as in the higher Supermind, rather as in Summit Supermind, because of the results of the following food and magnet experiments, and also due to the fact that her eyes pour out from her soul a greater power than her body and environ, which is verily the power of Satchitananda.

Though the Mother’s presence and spiritual consciousness can be felt in all her pictures, but her Pranam picture serves best both for one’s yoga and spiritual development as well as for build-up of spiritual-physical power in one’s body, whether one lives in an ashram or outside. Even after the maximum power-absorption in the body is possible in a given set of circumstances or conditions of living, one shall be greatly benefited to continue taking food on her pranam picture, because greater and subtler refinement of body-power is possible with the penetrative and transforming influence on mind and heart, thoughts and feelings and habits– which are not physically measurable or easily, verifiable.

Mother’s Grace is illimitable and therefore one shall use the picture in all possible ways of yoga until one realizes soul and is established in spirit within and above so as to manifest the Divinity in life with a transformed mind, life and body. It is evident that for body-transformation She has to be remembered in her body-form as in Pranam picture.

word of caution is also needed in regard to body. In spite of spiritual-physical power-absorption and its increase in the body, to whatever extent possible, one is not absolved from the necessity or obligation of following the physical laws of health, and hygiene, food and nutrition agreeable for health, and cure of disease, sleep, rest and activity if need be, medical care and taking of medicines. However it has to be admitted that the said power-absorption or its increase does not depend on any of these factors, nor on age, or health or complete purification of psychological impurities, but depends mainly on the intake or food kept on Pranam picture, to begin with.

Now we would like to quote from the reports of a few of the experimenters, especially on the physical effects of the food experiment (i.e. taking ones usual food by touching with this pranam photo, as you can see in the following picture, which is named as ‘Mother’s Yoga of Food’). We do not intend to present their inner spiritual experiences, visions, intuitions etc., which they got when using pranam picture in any one or more ways above suggested. We restrict ourselves to their experiences at the level of body i.e., the gathering of spiritual-physical power in their body due to the intake of food from food-plate kept on the pranam picture.

Note: Please read the ‘ APJA Mother Yoga Techniques – Yoga of Food’ as found in the ‘Spirituality & Yoga’ section in this site to understand the method of practice.

However as an exception, we quote the spiritual-cum-physical experiences of Sri Gangadharan, a senior sadhak of the Sri Aurobindo Ashram, who is already a spiritually realized person. Let us now hear what he says, “I received from you a Pranam picture of the Mother. I felt its great power by touching it. I am thankful to you for giving me an opportunity for receiving quite a new kind of spiritual experiences even at the body level, by doing the food experiment devotionally for three days. On a clean cloth spread over the well-cleaned dining space of my room, I kept the Mother’s picture (as enclosed in a plastic transparent cover) and over it I placed my food plate served with Ashram food. I touched the food-plate with both hands, and remembered her with love for 10 minutes before eating. An indescribable current of spiritual power, with light and bliss quickly descended into my body, in all its cells, and reached into the ends of hair. Great peace reigned in my heart also. The most important and unexpected result of the experiment is that the light which had descended into my body at the time of food had come to stay for good in my body, in all its cells. After three days of experiment, when I touched the picture and then my body I felt a greater power in my body, but it was felt as equal to the spiritual-physical power of the Mother’s eyes or to Her Satchitananda power. This cannot be explained except by saying that it happened by Her Grace. When I saw the joint picture of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother, their figure disappeared at first, but they came back alive in their physical body, as when I used to see them during Darshan days.

Gangadharan’s case may be an exceptional one given his heights of realization, but many others who have done the experiment for a month or two are also able to feel an increase in their body-power, equivalent to the Mother’s body and some feel it as more. Generally speaking they are shy to say or write openly about it. In such as background, when all have been benefited by the experiment there can be no option except to give their names below as live-wire of evidence of the eventful experiment. Names of the following Ashram inmates:


      • Sri Gangadharan Swamy (Sanitary Service)
      • Naik Gulab Bhai Maganlal (Publications)
      • R.Srinivasan (Prosperity)
      • Mrs. Srinvasan
      • Sumita Ben (Press)
      • Ishwar Bhai (Press)
      • Nilima Das (Mother India)
      • Captain Mona (P.E.D)
      • Vishwananth Bannerjee (P.E.D)
      • T.K.Rama (aged 87)
      • K.Anurakta (Hand Made Paper)
      • Deepak Dutta (Audit)
      • Smita (Society library
      • Susheela (Sri Aurobindo Society).


Devotees of Madurai who also did the experiment

      • Dr P.Krishna Menon, F.R.C.S.
      • T.R.Jawaharlal F.C.A.
      • Srinivasan of the State Electricity Board
      • Ramesh
      • Mrs. Sampath


I am thankful, with gratitude, to all the experimenters for their willing spiritual cooperation.


Dr. Krishna Menon, F.R.C.S. (Edinburgh), Secretary, Sri Aurobindo Circle, Madurai, who did the experiment early in time could also guide others at Madurai in this respect. He has given his esteemed report dated 24-4-1985. “As requested by Sri T.R.Thulasiram of the Ashram, I did the food-experimentby keeping at meal time my plate on Mother’s Pranam Picture which he gave. The Mother is seen with Her hands joined as in prayer (15-8-64). I touched the picture for a few minutes remembering the Mother. I felt a warmth of feeling with a current like force entering into me. At the time of partaking of food, I kept the food-plate on it and, after being served, I touched the plate by both hands remembering Her for a while before eating and drinking. After a month I could feel the absorption of power in my body. It could be felt palpably by me, especially when I made a comparative touch of the Mother’s other pictures including the one taken on 5-7-69 and touching myself on my face after three minutes touch, my face gave the sense of a greater power.


Then I touched Mother’s body in the Pranam picture. I was surprised to feel that again the touch of my face showed a greater power. Then I looked into her eyes in the said picture for 3 minutes and then touched my face again. This time I could not feel any distinguishable force by the touch of my face. Possibly the power in Her eyes might be equal to the power absorbed in my body.


However I do not suggest my body power has become equal to that of Her body or Her eyes in a spiritual sense. That will come only with inner spiritual realization.
Any picture of the Mother shows not only her spiritual power in the body but also the same power in her environment. My physical body, in the absence of inner spiritual realization, does not radiate its power into it immediate environs. I would like to say that the capacity to feel, by touch or look, the different spiritual-physical powers tangibly and physically has developed only after the food experiment done for about a month or more.


In passing, I have to say that four other devotees of Madurai did the same experiment with the said photo of The Mother and they are also able to feel now the ‘Power-transformation’ in their body, effected by taking food charged by The Mother’s Pranam Picture. They are Sri T.R.Jawaharlal, F.C.A., J.R.Srinivasan (Electricity Board), Ramesh and Mrs. Sampath. Two are them are feeling their power as equal to The Mother’s body power as felt by their touching Her Pranam picture”.


Now Ishwar Bhai of the Ashram Press writes to say as follows, “By divine grace I met Sri Thulasiram, who gave me the Mother’s Pranam picture, which I felt by touch as very powerful. As requested by him, I kept the plate of food as served in the Ashram dining hall, on the picture, and touched them together by both hands and prayed the Mother of a few minutes before eating. I felt very good vibrations of her power in the dish and in my body, soon after my prayer. Next day I had a vision of the Mother’s eyes in light blue at the time of food, attended with vibrations of her power in my body. I did the food experiment for 20 days. I am a vegetarian in diet, except that I take in Ashram eggs also. I feel that spiritual-physical power has gathered in my body, because by comparative alternate touch of the said picture and my body, each for 2-3 minutes. I sense a greater force of power when touching my body. But by looking at my body and her eyes alternatively, I do not sense any distinguishable difference of power. It is felt flat. This is unexplainable. It means that my body power is felt to be equal with Mother’s eye power. My saliva paper also reveals the same high power when looked comparatively. This confirms that my body-substances have absorbed Mother’s body power as in her eyes. After some days, I also felt that my health was improving I am continuing the food experiment.”


Deepak Dutta, a fellow auditor of the Ashram, also did the food experiment. At the beginning he could not feel nor distinguish the high power of the Mother’s Pranam picture, as some others did. But after a month of “eating on the picture” he has gathered power in his body, which is more than Mother’s usual body-power as seen in her picture with her head dress with hood. When told of this he was surprised. The way to feel it was taught to him. Accordingly, he touched Mother’s picture in her usual hood for 3-5 minutes and then his own palms. The latter gave him sense of a greater current of power. Likewise he touched the Mother’s picture taken on 5-7-69 and then himself at his hands and face. Strangely enough, he felt flat without any distinguishable power because his body power has become equal to that of this picture of the Mother. However his saliva paper when touched at its free edges shows somewhat of a greater power than what is felt by touch at his outer body surface. Power flows from body-substances to the outer body. What he could not feel before the experiment by touch or look of the Mother’s pictures, he is now able to feel their power and also distinguish them. His body-power is still less than felt in Her pranam picture. He is continuing the experiment. He takes occasionally non-vegetarian diet also. He values the experiment highly as it has improved his general health and given him a taste in meditation or concentration.

The above case-reports are representative of the nature and state of power as absorbed by their body. However, they lead us to solve the problem of differential powers of Mother’s body and eyes, and especially the enigma of the devotees absorbing apparently a greater power in their body than the Mother’s.


– Courtesy: Extracts from ‘The Power transformation by The Mother’s Pranam picture’ by Sri T.R.Thulasiram. Full article will be released shortly.