Documented Experiences of Spiritual Aspirants & Devotees



(Touch the left Grace-Light Picture and feel its highest Integral Divine Vibrations in your Soul-Mind-Body complex)



” Arut Perun Jyothi Arut Perun Jyothi
Thanip Perung Karunai Arut Perun Jyothi.”

“Vast Grace Light Vast Grace Light
Supreme Compassion Vast Grace Light.”



“Vedanta is the realization of the self (the same self in all) i.e., becoming as the self in self-identity of knowledge. Siddhanta (i.e. Saiva Siddhanta) is the realization of oneself as an individual soul of being and universalizing himself to become an universal individual. In the pure turya or transcendence realizing the individual self (i.e. true individual self) one reaches the blissful param (i.e. apprehending supermind) by Siva Yoga (by absorbed concentration on the Truth). This is the rare siddhi most difficult to attain. It is attained by freeing oneself from the impurities (i.e. the ego).”

Super-Yogi, Saint Thirumoolar in his Thirumandiram (T.M: 2372)

[Note by T.R.Thulasiram : By realizing the true individual self as a center of the supreme and universal Divine one attains to the second poise of supermind where one can experience both the truth of Vedanta and Siddhanta in effect a triple experience in union with the Divine which is at once an oneness, a fusion and an embrace of mutuality ]


Aumra Trust is grateful to the following new age spiritual aspirants, evolutionary associates and devotees for their spiritual catholicity and readiness- irrespective of their different schools of faith, philosophies, practices, religions and backgrounds- in experimenting and sharing their spiritual experiences and resources with us. They are published here with their kind permission and meant for the benefit of the Global spiritual community, as well as in line with the trust’s goal of promoting the ‘ Universal Secular-Spiritual Brotherhood ( Samarasa Suddha Sanmarga Sanga)’.


1. Mr. R.Parthibhan(Team Lead-ACS), Honeywell Technology Solutions, Bangalore
(a follower of Sri Ramana Maharishi).

Following is my experience…after touching the Grace-Light picture.
It’s one of the greatest moments to feel the presence of silence…when I touched the Grace-Light picture seen in the computer, by positioning the cursor over it.
It created a vacuum in my heart…where I could feel something has been transforming (i.e from normal state to a state of silence).
With regards


2. Divine Dance Experience
(of Mr. Krishna Prem, Trustee – Auro-Ma-Ramalingam Trust & Aumra Trust)


“ArutPerunJothi… ArutPerunJothi…

In the year 1988-89, during my beginning days of Spirituality, at the age of 18 or 19, I had the following interesting experience during my meditation.


Between the breakfast and lunch hours, I was sitting in a chair in the hall (at my Madurai residence) where there is a special Blessed Presence of ArutPerunJothi & Vallalar. With my eyes closed, I was mentally chanting ‘ArutPerunJothi’ Mantra and very soon started feeling concrete Divine Consciousness/Vibration in my entire being. My body started moving and further completely activated & pushed by this intense Divine Force…I physically got up from the chair and started experiencing some dance movements with momentary pauses. These dance movements and gestures very much resembled the Divine dance of Lord Nataraja.


As usual, my exterior mind started doing its doubting function and so quite few times…I tried to stop these physical movements (with also my eyes wide open) and to my surprise…observed clearly that the more I tried to stop, the activating lively Force became even more intense/aggressive and thus it was very evident that the dynamic Power had completely possessed me and moving. It was quite joyful and harmonious, subtle but still strong enough to physically move me.


I also recollect that I could experience physical gestures of making Pranams (paying obeisance to the Divine) and hands raised high above – giving the feelings of calling down the Consciousness. I even felt some strong pull from above.

Thus the overall experience, which lasted for nearly an hour was very unexpected, exciting and enriching.

Then…after about a decade, on 5th Oct.2000 (Vallalar’s Birthday), the same physical dance experience repeated (very unexpectedly) during my meditation (at pre-lunch hours) with ‘ArutPerunJothi’ Mantra mental chanting (in the same Presence-rich hall at my Madurai residence). This time…it came like a Big Blessing for my little efforts towards creating the website ‘’ (now integrated with its big brother site ‘’) which got hosted on this same sacred day of Vallalar’s Birthday.


Then…once again, on 17th Aug.2002 (after my visit to Sri Aurobindo Ashram for 15th August Darshan Day – Sri Aurobindo’s Birthday), I had the same above described dance experience. This too came like a Blessing, because I had just then started my humble efforts in bringing out the ‘ArutPerunJothi’ Mantra in audio cassette form, which could be released on 5th Oct.2002, Vallalar’s Birthday.


I am much grateful to ArutPerunJothi – Vallalar, for having Blessed me with this unique Spiritual-physical experience.


Spiritually yours
Krishna Prem
29th Feb.08


3. Mr. Sheik Uduman, M.B.A., was immediately inspired to write these poetic lines on ‘Deathlessness’ after he touched and experienced the picture of Arut Perum Jyothi or Vast Grace-Light.

4. Karthik Kaliappan, NRI from U.S.A. and currently the Asst. Project Manager, Cognizant Technology Solutions, Coimbatore and…a devotee of Sri Sathya Sai Baba says about his experience on touching the picture of Swami Ramalingam surrounded by Vast Grace Light.

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Swami Ramalingam as surrounded by the vibrant Vast Grace-Light

(Download, touch and Experience)

"When I press the mouse in the Aura around Swami, the aura moves inside towards Swami…… and the edges of the aura shakes like a smooth flame".

5. Ms. Donna (Library Assistant in Rochester, New York, USA) talks about her thrilling experiences on meditating with Vallalar (surrounded by Grace-Light) picture.


14 July 2008

Hello, Namaste, vanakkam

I am writing with an interesting experience I had yesterday morning, while looking at the image of Swami Ramalingam, the one with the light all around him he is standing. I printed the image from your site and carry it with me, I also meditate with the image. Here is what happened:

I got up kind of early and got some of the my cooking done then I was just sitting on the sofa, just sitting. I thought of Swami Ramalingam and pulled his picture out of my purse, the one with him surrounded by white light. It was fairly dark in the living room since it was nice and cloudy outside! I sat, gazing at his image and doing the APJ mantra silently to myself. All of a sudden the light in the room changed very dramatically, it almost appeared as though everything was in black and white. The light surrounding the image of Swami Ramalingam began to flash. The first thing I noticed was my knees, behind the photo, they were illuminated in bright white light! As though the light from the picture was reflecting off me and onto my knees! Within about two minutes the image began to flash with bright light again and I could see my knees illuminated again and my entire lap seemed to be filled with the bright light. It was so nice!. I then closed my eyes and put my head back and could still see everything in an after-image that was almost as clear as a photograph, the image stayed for quite some time then I opened my eyes and I was really tired, as though I had just done a lot of very hard work.

Thank you! regards,



21 July 2008


Just one more thing. Yesterday morning it was very cloudy and rainy again, just like the previous Sunday. I pulled out Swami Ramalingam’s picture and decided to meditate again, just to see what would happen. This was not any sort of ‘test” or anything, I was not looking to prove anything. I decided to turn on the lights so it would not be as dark in the room. I sat in the same spot, holding the picture the same way and started to gaze at the image while doing the APJ mantra. Within about two minutes the image began to flash with bright light again and I could see my knees illuminated again and my entire lap seemed to be filled with the bright light. It was so nice!

Take care! romba nandri

meendum sandhippom

ungal thozhi


24 July 2008


I will also tell you that the same thing happens everytime I meditate with Swami’s picture now. I meditated again on Monday afternoon (after a rather harrowing dental appointment) and the flashing started almost immediately and my lap once again filled with light. I would urge more people to meditate with Swami’s image!




6. Mr.Jeff (Head Cook, Rochester, New York, USA) shares his experience on touching the ‘Grace-Light’ picture.


4 June, 2008


A friend told me about your website today. I visited the website and clicked on the Grace-Light picture. I placed my hand on the Grace-Light picture and chanted the Arut Perun Jyoti mantra (which I was already familiar with). As I had my hand on the picture, chanting the mantra, something curious happened. First, there is some small shape in the upper-right hand corner of the picture. That shape seemed to come alive and pulsate. But, then, as I continued the mantra, several different faces appeared within the Grace-Light. I don’t know who the faces were.

Love and peace,


Arut Perun Jyoti! Om Nama Sivaya!

20 July 2008

—- the one addition I would make is that I now realize that there are several different pictures of the Grace Light on the website. One of them actually has the “shape” in the upper-right hand corner, that I describe seeing. But, one of the Grace Light pictures does not have this shape at all, just the Grace Light. When, I had the experience, I was looking at the picture that does NOT have the shape in it. So, what is even more amazing, is that I saw that shape, which appears in other pictures, even though I was looking at a picture that didn’t have it!

Thank you! Blessings,

Jyoti, Jyoti, Jyoti, Om Namasivaya