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Editor’s Note on publishing the letters and correspondence between Sri Satprem and Sri T.R.Thulasiram:


“Who can know the greatness of our Lord!
Who can measure His length and breadth!
He is the mighty nameless Flame;
Whose unknown beginnings I venture to speak.”


– Saint Thirumolar in his Tirumandiram(mantra No. 95 on Humility) on the Supramental Iswara (i.e.,Nandi)- quoted from Tirumandiram by Dr.B.Natarajan.


South India, particularly the region around Cidambaram (the famous temple of Nataraja; the exact and true meaning of the name of Cidambaram in English is the Plane of Supermind or Supramental Plane), in Tamil Nadu, has always been the Cradle of Supermind, since the times immemorial, with the ancient Siddhar-Yogi Thirumoolar to the recent Supramental Avatars of Swami Ramalingam, Sri Aurobindo and the Mother have lived, preached and established their Supramental consciousness and Ashrams (or Caves of Tapasya) for the evolutionary transformation of the earth-consciousness and the human race. The lack of proper knowledge on the Supramental-spiritual, Siddha- lineage of South India, particularly the famous Swami Ramalingam and Thirumoolar, together with the absence of their original Tamil spiritual literature in the English language, were the reasons, Why many of the contemporary English-speaking, Indian as well as the International spiritual scholars, students and philosophers were unable to know and understand the truth and significance of the Supramental deathless body realization of Swami Ramalingam. An open-minded, discerning and truthful approach could bring an enlightened understanding to any reader that, what Swami Ramalingam had attained was possibly the highest Supramental Deathless Body Realization for the collective evolutionary purpose of the human race; economic and world union; universal rule of Grace; and it was not merely a Spiritual Realization.


Swami Ramalingam’s revolutionary spiritual and social ideals in the troublesome 18th century that he had preached against the idol worship and propagation of worship of Divine Light (Jyothi) as the highest and natural form of worship; caste, community and religious bigotry; gender equality and women empowerment; burial of dead body as against cremation; partial truth-revelations by the ancient Sanskrit Vedas; deathlessness as the highest human evolutionary achievement, were way ahead of his time and not acceptable to the caste-ridden, divisive and superstitious society. Therefore, it was less surprising that they were not popularly accepted and translated into English, by the English-educated, Tamil-speaking, intellectual elite class. Nevertheless, Vallalar’s Suddha Sanmargam ideals have now grown into a large flourishing spiritual movement around the world, including Tamil Nadu, with millions of followers are attracted to its universal teachings and way of living.


Swami Ramalingam (popularly known as Vallalarwas a trendsetter, who brought the highest ideals and teachings of his Suddha Sanmargam (Path of attaining the evolutionary Deathless Body Realisation) to the doorstep of the commoners, including the uneducated, poor people in the rural villages. Such a spiritual-social revolution was unthinkable in the 18th century India, where it was exclusively reserved only for the Sanskrit or/and English-speaking elite and middle-class people. His firm principle that there is One Supreme Divine, which is the Vast Grace-Light (Arut Perum Jyothi or the natural Truth-form of God) and he is easily accessible by the whole mankind, without any divisive artificial differences created by religions, race, nationality, social and economic status, gender, caste etc., has the universal appeal. During their avatarhood, Sri Aurobindo and The Mother, who brought down the Universal manifestation of Supramental Light, also strived against all odds, for the same ideals of disseminating the highest Supramental Truths on the universal scale.


Auro-Ma-Ramalingam.Org is dedicated in diffusing the spiritual truth of the Supramental Realisation and consciousness of Sri Aurobindo, The Mother, Swami Ramalingam and Saint Thirumoolar to the modern world in English and all other International languages. Being an Advanced Scientific Research Institution on the Supramental Yoga & Deathless Body of Swami Ramalingam, we have brought to light this important supramental-spiritual discoveries of T.R.Thulasiram, who had dedicated his entire lifetime, as his spiritual sadhana, in bringing a synthesis between Sri Aurobindo’s ‘Integral Yoga’ with the ‘Suddha Sanmargam Movement (path of Vast Grace-Light)’ of Swami Ramalingam, due to their spiritual similarities and One common Divine goal of manifesting the Supramental Divine being on the earth-consciousness for the individual and collective evolution of the human race.


Swami Ramalingam had physically appeared in his re-formed, radiant, deathless Triple bodies(Suddha deha, Gnana deha and Pranava deha – with the Transparent white Grace-Light radiating inside his body and radiating out and around it) in the actual vision (means physically and materially) of T.R.Thulasiram in 1981 at his residence in Sri Aurobindo Ashram(where Vallalar had stood and fixed on the floor a highest divine integral Grace-power, a spiritual to physical divine power, the vibrations of which can be concretely experienced even now by any spiritual aspirant or sadhaka with some inner spiritual opening, by visiting the marked place at the said residence, belonging to Sri Aurobindo Ashram, or just by seeing and touching the photos published elsewhere in this website). Immediately following this spiritually significant event, The Divine Mother of Sri Aurobindo Ashram also came the next day in her luminous body in the Vision of T.R.Thulasiram and gave him the Mantra of ‘Arut Perum Jyothi or Vast Grace-Light. These two Supramental-spiritual visions of Swami Ramalingam and the Divine Mother have effectively put to rest the entire “mental and theoretical interpretations,” on the referred subject. Perhaps T.R.Thulasiram was far ahead of his times in his supramental-spiritual discoveries and revelations, which will take a long time to be understood and experienced by the spiritual world. By publishing all the related correspondence, we sincerely feel that it is our Divine-bound duty to bring out the Objective Divine-truth rather than the Subjective Divine-truth.