( ‘Arul Jothi Gayatri Mantra form’ as approved by Vedalankar Sri Jagannath of Sri Aurobindo Ashram )

“Om Bhuh Bhuvah Swah
Tat Savitur Varenyam
Bhargo Devasya ‘Arull Jothi’ Dhimahi
Dhiyo Yo Nah Prachodayaat.”

Meaning of the above Arul Jothi Gayatri Mantra

We meditate on the supremely desirable Arul Jyoti, the Grace – Light of the Godhead, which excels in Earth, the physical world, in the mid world of the vital life, and in the heaven of Mind. Let our Intelligence, thoughts and faculties be luminously impelled by that Grace – Light of the Divine Sun, Surya Savitri.


Note: This form of Gayatri Mantra with Arul Jyoti of integral Power and Supramental harmony has been approved by Vedalankar Sri Jagannath of Sri Aurobindo Ashram. The Mother liked the Grace – Light very much.


The well-known Gayatri mantra of the Rig Vedic Rishi Gathino Vishwamitra is being chanted down the ages by religious-minded people in the morning and evening. It is a powerful and luminous mantra that helps to open the Ajna Chakra in the mid forehead and activates and impels one’s intelligence by the rays of the divine Sun-Light. But the power of the written mantra-paper is less when touched as compared to that of the Maha Mantra of Swami Ramalingam (1823-1874, i.e., “Arut Perum Jothi..Arut Perum Jothi.. Thanip Perum Karunai..Arut Perum Jothi”,or :Vast Grace-Light Vast Grace-Light..Supreme Compassion Vast Grace-Light”), which was inspired and given by the Supreme Divine. The latter is based on two words only, i.e., Vast Grace-Light and Supreme compassion.


As a result it brings the Supreme Light of Grace to one who invokes it, not only in the Mind of Intelligence and Thoughts, and in the Heart of feelings, and in the senses, but also in the body itself so as to transform or divinise them into their deathless nature and luminous and harmonious functioning. Even a deathless body is assured by the power of Grace-Light, as Swami Ramalingam had realized, because his mantra has the highest power of integral harmony, when given in the following form.


“Thanip Perung Karunai
Arut Perum Jothi
“Supreme Compassion
Vast Grace-Light
Thanip Perung Carunai
Arut Perum Jothi”
Supreme Compassion
Vast Grace-Light”


It is found that to the Gayatri mantra of the Rig Veda, we get the same high power of integral harmony as in the Swami ‘a mantra formed with the said two words. This bridges the past with the present age of Supramental evolution of the human race, because Grace-Light has manifested fully since the Swami’s time.


-Courtesy: “The Mother-U.N.O.-Vallalar,” by Sri T.R.Thulasiram.



(Chanting of APJA-Gayatri Mantra together with the usual Agnihotra Mantras)


If the usual Agnihotra is performed by chanting the above APJA-Gayatri mantra for 18 times(one can increase or reduce the number of chanting, depending upon the availability of time) both at the time of sun rise in the early morning, as well as at the time of sunset in the evening, one can feel the harmonious Grace-Light vibrations throughout the day, both at the level of body and mind. The chanting of APJA-Gayatri, makes it more powerful than the ordinary Agnihotra ritual. This APJA-Gayatri Agnihotra can be performed by anyone, including women and children. It is for the whole humanity and there are obsolutely no religious formalities involved. For any reason, if it can’t be done at the time of sunrise or sunset, still one can perform the APJA-Gayatri Agnihotra at any convenient or suitable time. In such a case, one can bypass the usual agnihotra mantras and straightly start chanting the APJA-Gayatri mantra.




At the time of Sunrise:

‘Sooryaya Svaha’

‘Sooryaya Svaha’

‘Sooryaya Svaha’

‘Prajapataye Idam Na Mama’


At the time of sunset:

‘Agnaye Svaha’

‘Agnaye Idam Na Mama’

‘Prajapataye Svaha’

‘Prajapataye Idam Na Mama’



(both at the time of the sunrise and sunset)

“Om Bhuh Bhuvah Swah
Tat Savitur Varenyam
Bhargo Devasya ‘Arull Jothi’ Dhimahi
Dhiyo Yo Nah Prachodayaat.”



Take a small piece of the dried cow dung cake and place it at the bottom of the pot. After that put a camphor or a cotton wick, that is soaked in cow’s ghee, on the bottom piece and then start arranging the other pieces of cow dung cakes around it neatly. Use a matchstick to light the fire. Take two pinchful of clean, unbroken rice grains (raw) on your left palm or in a small dish. Smear these rice grains with a few drops of cow’s pure ghee. Divide the ghee smeared rice grains in two parts.


Keep an eye on your watch and sooner its needle touches the exact sunrise time, start uttering the first mantra ‘Sooryaya Svaha’. While you start saying ‘Svaha’ offer one part of the rice grains to the fire. Continue and complete the mantra’s first line ‘Sooryaya Idam Na Mama’. Start uttering the other line of the mantra, ‘Prajapataye Svaha’,while offering the other part of the rice grains to the fire after saying and go on to complete the mantra, ‘Prajapataye Idam Na Mama’. After this is over, chant the APJA Gayatri Mantra for 18 times (or few times according to your convenience). While chanting the mantra keep pouring the ghee on the fire with the spoon and add the pieces of cow dung cakes if required. Concentrate on the fire till the offerings are fully burnt. The morning Agnihotra concludes here.


In the evening before the Agnihotra time, remove very carefully the morning Agnihotra ash from the pot and put it in a bag or box specially kept aside for it. Repeating the morning process, prepare a fresh fire from the cowdung cakes in the pot. Also prepare two equal parts of the cow ghee smeared rice grains for the two offerings. Exactly at sunset time, accompanied by the chanting of sunset Agnihotra mantras – ‘Agnaye Svaha’ offer the first part after saying ‘Svaha’ and complete the mantra by saying ‘Agnaye Idam Na Mama’. Similarly, uttering the second line of the mantra offer other part of the rice grains to the fire after saying ‘Prajapataye Svaha’ and complete the mantra uttering ‘Prajapataye Idam Na Mama’. After this is over, chant the APJA Gayatri Mantra for 18 times (or atleast few times according to your convenience). While chanting the mantra keep pouring the ghee on the fire and add the pieces of cow dung cakes if required. Concentrate on the fire till the offerings are fully burnt. This concludes the evening Agnihotra.



1. Copper pot of any size or shape.
2. Copper plate or Ordinary Silver plate.
3. Copper or ordinary silver or wooden Spoon ( Long )
4. Cow’s pure ghee.
5. Camphor.
6. Cotton Wick.
7. Match Box.( For igniting Agnihotra fire )
8. Clean, unbroken rice grains ( raw ).
8. Local sunrise – set timings yearly chart of your place.